How to Sovle PCMtuner VZ-Performance software cannot login

When I can use PCM Tuner, I can’t access vz-performance and I get an error message ‘Wrong username or password’, Follow is the solution for PCMtuner VZ-Performance software cannot login.



Install the pcmtuner software and complete the registration first. Then contact our customer service to activate your registration email. After activation, you will receive an account to access and

User Name= registered Email, Password= Software Serial Number

The serial number (password) can be found at the bottom left corner of PCMTuner 1.25 software.


Note: These two website account were different before. But from April 19th, 2022, activation only generates one user account.

1.  tuner-box account is for create ticket support tool user.
2.  Vzperofromance is for tuner support. It has VR file and many damaos there.

The factory will synchronize the serial number in the next update.
It will fix this bug. So users don’t need to activate vz-performance separately.
Please do activation until the next software update is released.

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