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Digiprog 3 vs OBDSTAR X300M ,Which better

Digiprog 3 vs OBDSTAR X300M will made in this article,i belive,it will help buyers who are looking for a great but costive obd 2 odometer adjust tool in the marketplace.So,let’s start now !

Digiprog 3 Odometer Correction Tool Introduction

Digiprog 3 Digiprog3 is a cheap affordable but with top quality OBDII Odometer Correction Tool. Digiprog 3 can be connected with dashboard or OBDII to provide a full diagnostic for full range or vehicle with multi-languages optional.


OBDSTAR X300 M Introduction

X300M was designed by OBDSTAR,it is a original product that specially for Odometer Correction supporting for univeral cars.OBDSTAR X300M is handheld,lightweight but top quality ,and supports free update for 1 year.


Digiprog 3 vs OBDSTAR X300 M

The Same

1.Supports Odometer Correction functions.

2.Coverage Multi car Models.

3.Connected by OBD2 port.

The Different

1.OBDSTAR X300 M only support English,but Digiprog 3 supports English,German,Spanish , French, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, Dutch.

2.OBDSTAR X300M Odometer Correction Tool supports has free update for 1 year,while Digipro 3 was updated by sending the main unit back to the facotry.

3.Digiprog 3 DP3 Chang km via OBD,or chip,cluster & BCM,Tacho & BSI,Micro,EWS,etc,while the X300M change km via OBD only.

4.Digiprog 3 supports cars,some Trucks & Motorcycles,the X300 M only for cars.

5.OBDSTAR X300 M do better than Digipro III Digipro 3 DP3 in terms of new cars supporting.

6.Digiprog III is cheaper than X300M.

So,For me,i will give my first choice to Digiprog 3 DP3 ,no matter in terms of features,performance,functions as well as price, Digiprog 3 was a ideal choice.And this tool has been tested by many users with a good reputation.

But if you wanna a tool for new software updating as well as new car models supported,then choose X300M is for you,is handheld and performance is stable.

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OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus Correct Odometer for Maserati Ghibli 2014

This article show a test case on how to use OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS to correct odometer for Maserati Ghibli 2014.


And for more X300 DP Plus test please check here:OBDSTAR X300 Plus test cases,for more odometer correction check: Mileage Correction Cases


Connect OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus Programmer to vehicle via OBD,select “Diag Program”

Select “Cluster Calibrate”







GHIBLI 95160


Mileage Calibrate

This function is available by connecting the server,please ensure the internet connection is normal.

Then input the name of file to save,here input “MSLD0000” and tab “Enter” to continue


The current mileage of 4001km(error does not exceed 20KM)? Press ENTER to continue,Press ESC to exit.


Now input the mileage value you want,here input “39915”,then tab “Done”


Then OBDSTAR X300 PAD2 Plus will prompt you “calibration complete”


Check the mileage value “39880”