How to Reinstall the APP for Odo Master/X300 PRO4/X300 DP/X300 DP Plus

If your OBDSTAR machine which the menu / software disappeared or the system stop working , you can try to reinstall the app for the machine

How to Reinstall the APP for Odo Master/X300 Pro4/X300 DP/X300 DP Plus, you can check the steps as following :

1.Uninstall the APP

A.Open the tablet to the main page and find the APK


B.Long press the APK icon and drag it up to the application information to make the font color blue


C.Release your hand, jump to the application information screen, click the uninstall update button in the upper right corner


D.Two pop-up boxes will appear, both click the OK button


Then the APK is successfully uninstalled

2.Install APK

A.Insert the TF card or U disk with Diagprogram_V3.8.3.apk into the card slot of the machine

B. In the menu screen of the tablet, click ES File Explorer and open it, as shown Below


C.Open the file browser, click on the red arrow and select the SD card contents


D.Click APK


The pop-up window appears by clicking the Install button


At last , click the Finish button to complete the installation of the APK

Then you can download the software from app directly.
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