Cannot Synchronize Citroen Berlingo 2010 Remote After Programming


Can’t synchronize the remote on Berlingo 2 of 2010 after programming with obdstar x300 dp plus. Turn on ignition and hold lock button for 10 seconds, still does not work.  There is no more original key. Someone to help me please?


Solution: It’s not the right key. If holding the 10 unlock or lock with the key in ignition in the on position, does not bring results, then you have wrong modulation FSK instead of ASK or vice versa. Uses a key with a signal: FSK
Don’t forget to sync the key for 10 seconds.
If it still doesn’t work. Look no further.
Check the battery on key and key signal with Xhorse mini key tool or Handy Baby.
If this still doesn’t work, it’s your key that’s faulty or poor quality.
If this still doesn’t work. Otherwise try with another key model by:
CE0523 with signal: FSK Trying to check with the key shell, if the remote synchronization function is active in the BSI.
Because if it’s not activated, that’s why your remote synchronization doesn’t work with the remote control, despite having the right model.
Because the right remote is well in CE0536 – FSK.