Toyota Lexus RX300 1999 Add a Key via Autel MK808

This is a master key for the Toyota Lexus RX300, I’m gonna use the Autel MaxiCOM MK808 diagnostic scanner to make an extra key here. So let’s start:

Toyottoyota-lexus-rx300-1999-add-a-key-via-autel-mk808-1 (2)

Connect MK808 scanner to OBD2 port of Lexus,

Service >> Immo keys >> Lexus >> Manual selection >> RX300 >> North America >> 1999 >> Yes

toyota-lexus-rx300-1999-add-a-key-via-autel-mk808-2 (2)
toyota-lexus-rx300-1999-add-a-key-via-autel-mk808-3 (2)
toyota-lexus-rx300-1999-add-a-key-via-autel-mk808-4 (2)
toyota-lexus-rx300-1999-add-a-key-via-autel-mk808-5 (2)
toyota-lexus-rx300-1999-add-a-key-via-autel-mk808-6 (2)

Hot functions >> Auto remote match >> Immobilizer >> Transponder code registration

toyota-lexus-rx300-1999-add-a-key-via-autel-mk808-7 (2)
toyota-lexus-rx300-1999-add-a-key-via-autel-mk808-8 (2)
toyota-lexus-rx300-1999-add-a-key-via-autel-mk808-9 (2)
toyota-lexus-rx300-1999-add-a-key-via-autel-mk808-10 (2)

Use this function to register a new key code, press “OK”.

This function serves to register an immobilizer key.

Note: If any step exceeds the time limit, transponder code registration will fail. Press “Next”.

Remove the key from the key cylinder, insert a registered master key into the key cylinder and turn the ignition on. Select “Sub key” to register, press “Next”.

toyota-lexus-rx300-1999-add-a-key-via-autel-mk808-11 (2)
toyota-lexus-rx300-1999-add-a-key-via-autel-mk808-12 (2)
toyota-lexus-rx300-1999-add-a-key-via-autel-mk808-13 (2)

Remove the master key form the key cylinder within 20s, then press “Next” immediately.

Press “Next” after inserting a new key into the key cylinder within 10s.

Now registering…

Wait for about 70s…

toyota-lexus-rx300-1999-add-a-key-via-autel-mk808-14 (2)
toyota-lexus-rx300-1999-add-a-key-via-autel-mk808-15 (2)
toyota-lexus-rx300-1999-add-a-key-via-autel-mk808-16 (2)

Transponder code registration is completed. Press “Esc” to exit.

Now let’s test the new key, it should start the car. Alright, it start it up successfully.

toyota-lexus-rx300-1999-add-a-key-via-autel-mk808-17 (2)
toyota-lexus-rx300-1999-add-a-key-via-autel-mk808-18 (2)

As you can see, Autel MK808 Scan Tool does program a new key for Toyota Lexus RX300, key programming has done in 4 minutes.