Program Toyota Sienna 2013 Smart Keyfob by Autel MaxiSys Elite

How to use Autel Maxisys Elite scan tool to program a smart key fob for 2013 Toyata Sienna? Today I will show you guys with an old key & a new smart key to finish the tutorial.

First of all, connect J2534 ECU programming device (MaxiFlash Elite) with the car via OBD. Turn on Autel MaxiSys Elite&MaxiFlash Elite, turn on the ignition but not the car. You will find 3 lights flashed on MaxiFlash Elite, and 2 green checkmarks on the bottom bar of Autel MaxiSys Elite tablet, which means the programming device is connected succeed with your car.

autel-maxisys-elite-add-a-smart-key-for-toyota-sienna-1 (2)
autel-maxisys-elite-add-a-smart-key-for-toyota-sienna-2 (2)

Now let’s go to start on the Autel MaxiSys Elite tablet tool:

Diagnostics >> VIN >> Auto detect

The device will scan the VIN…

Choose your car make, Toyota (Asia) >> Scroll down to press “Accept” the terms >> verified you VIN and press “OK”

autel-maxisys-elite-add-a-smart-key-for-toyota-sienna-3 (2) autel-maxisys-elite-add-a-smart-key-for-toyota-sienna-4 (2)autel-maxisys-elite-add-a-smart-key-for-toyota-sienna-5 (2)
autel-maxisys-elite-add-a-smart-key-for-toyota-sienna-6 (2)
autel-maxisys-elite-add-a-smart-key-for-toyota-sienna-7 (2)

Radar cruise >> With smart key >> Verify car information and press “Yes”

autel-maxisys-elite-add-a-smart-key-for-toyota-sienna-8 (2)
autel-maxisys-elite-add-a-smart-key-for-toyota-sienna-9 (2)
autel-maxisys-elite-add-a-smart-key-for-toyota-sienna-10 (2)

Hot functions >> Immo & keys >> Auto remote match >> Smart key >> Smart code registration (Classic)

autel-maxisys-elite-add-a-smart-key-for-toyota-sienna-11 (2)
autel-maxisys-elite-add-a-smart-key-for-toyota-sienna-12 (2)
autel-maxisys-elite-add-a-smart-key-for-toyota-sienna-13 (2)
autel-maxisys-elite-add-a-smart-key-for-toyota-sienna-14 (2)
autel-maxisys-elite-add-a-smart-key-for-toyota-sienna-15 (2)
This function registers a new smart code, press “OK”.

Make sure the ignition is on, but not the car, press “Next”.

Select “I am just registering keys”, press “Next”.

Read the information to know how many keys you have registered, press “Next”.

autel-maxisys-elite-add-a-smart-key-for-toyota-sienna-16 (2)
autel-maxisys-elite-add-a-smart-key-for-toyota-sienna-17 (2)
autel-maxisys-elite-add-a-smart-key-for-toyota-sienna-18 (2)
autel-maxisys-elite-add-a-smart-key-for-toyota-sienna-19 (2)

Touch power switch with the old smart key.

Touch power switch with the new smart key.

autel-maxisys-elite-add-a-smart-key-for-toyota-sienna-20 (2)
autel-maxisys-elite-add-a-smart-key-for-toyota-sienna-21 (2)
autel-maxisys-elite-add-a-smart-key-for-toyota-sienna-22 (2)
autel-maxisys-elite-add-a-smart-key-for-toyota-sienna-23 (2)

It may ask you to put the new smart key on passenger seat.

You can program more keys if you want, if you don’t want, you can wait or press “Register”.

autel-maxisys-elite-add-a-smart-key-for-toyota-sienna-24 (2)
autel-maxisys-elite-add-a-smart-key-for-toyota-sienna-25 (2)

Congratulations! You have a new smart key.

autel-maxisys-elite-add-a-smart-key-for-toyota-sienna-26 (2)

Now let’s have a try, the new smart key is working.

This is how to program a smart key with Autel MaxiSys Elite for a 2013 Toyata Sienna. The diagnostic tool also supports ECU coding & matching, SAS reset, DPF reset, injector coding…etc. More function tests to be continued…