Top 3 Reasons to get Launch X-431 PAD VII

Look no further, the Launch X-431 PAD VII is packed with fantastic features and functions aimed at the professional auto technician. From ADAS calibration to 32 service functions and more, the PAD VII is a complete diagnostic solution.


Reason 1: Powerful hardware

The PAD VII is a powerful device as it boasts solid specs, enough to do whatever you throw at it. Check out the table below for the hardware specifications of this diagnostic tool.

Description Specifications
Screen 13.3-inch IPS touchscreen display
Screen Resolution 1920×1080
Processor 2.0 GHz Octa-core
Operating System Android 9.0
Storage 256GB
Camera Front 8MP, Rear 13MP
Battery 19,000 mAh
Connectivity Wi-Fi, Smart Link C

The Launch PAD VII has impressive hardware. With a 13.3 inch IPS touchscreen display with a 1920×1080 resolution, the device sits at the high-end of the diagnostic market. The scan tool comes with a 2.0 GHz Octa-core processor backed by 8GB of RAM, specs auto technicians would love to hear.

The operating system also complements the processing hardware. Running on Android 9.0, the device is capable of seamless and fast performance. It provides a fantastic user experience making diagnostics more user-friendly.

The OBD2 scanner comes with ample storage. Featuring a 256GB internal memory, it can simultaneously record data while you perform features and functions. The storage space is more than enough, even for an intense user like me.

What bugs many auto professionals is the small battery packs in scan tools. However, the PAD VII packs 19,000 mAh of power, enough to last you through your busy day at the garage and then more.

The device features two cameras, a front 8 MP and a rear 13 MP help users take pictures to share them with their auto technician circle for troubleshooting help if need be. It comes with a Smart Link device that connects to any vehicle’s OBD2 port and allows auto technicians to help their customers with troubleshooting remotely using the internet.

Reason 2: Supports dozens of advanced features

Besides the advanced hardware, the Launch PAD VII comes packed with all the features you would expect a high-end device to have. Check the table below to see what the device has to offer.

Description Features
Full system diagnostics Access to all vehicle modules and capable of 10 basic modes
Reset functions Brake, TPMS, oil, and SAS reset, ABS bleeding, immobilizer, and more
Bidirectional control Supports EGR test, EVAP test, pump and valve test, and more

Full system diagnostics

The scan tool is capable of full system diagnostics. It can tap into all modules of the vehicle and read and erase fault codes. Besides DTCs, the device can perform all ten basic modes such as:

* Live data and graphical representation
* Freeze frame
* I/M readiness
* And more

The topology mapping is a great feature that summarizes the diagnostic results and any system malfunctions in a visual image of the car allowing for a holistic view.

The device is also capable of remote diagnostics. Auto technicians can better serve their customers remotely (at other garages) using the Smart Link C. Technicians can send and receive messages to each other using PAD VII. It helps save time and increases work efficiency.

Besides the in-built diagnostic capabilities, users can purchase apps from their new online “mall” store and expand their range of functions or update them. You can even have the ADAS calibration feature by downloading it from the online store but for that, you would need to buy a separate calibration device from the manufacturer.

Reset functions

Replacing components and parts in a vehicle requires a quick system reset for efficient usage and the Launch PAD VII is capable of doing just that. The device can perform 32 different advanced service functions that include:

* Service lamp reset
* Brake reset
* Battery reset
* SAS reset
* TPMS reset
* ABS bleeding
* And many more

Bidirectional control, programming, coding

The Launch PAD VII is capable of advanced online coding and programming functions. Users don’t need to do physical code inputs on the device but tap on the many different available online coding.

The diagnostic tool has bidirectional control for cars and commercial vehicles allowing users to conduct the following actuation tests:

* EGR test
* Pump and valve test
* Acceleration device test
* Compression test
* Cylinder balance test
* And more

The vehicle has superb compatibility and can run on over 110 different car brands across Australian, Asian, European, USA, and the Chinese market.

Reason 3: The best version of the X-431 Pad series

The Launch PAD VIII is considered the most advanced of the X-431 series and ranks above the PAD V and PAD III v2.0 when it comes to hardware and functionalities.

Check the comparison table below to see how the PAD VII compares against its predecessors.

Description PAD III v2.0 PAD V PAD VII
Display/Resolution 10.1-inch IPS 1900×1200 10.1-inch IPS 1900×1200 13.3-inch IPS 1920×1080
Processor 2.0 GHz Octa-core 2.0 GHz Octa-core 2.0 GHz Octa-core
Storage 64GB 64GB 256GB
Battery 15,000 mAh 9,360 mAh 19,000 mAh
Diagnosis functions Full system diagnoses and OBD2 full functions Full system diagnoses and OBD2 functions Full system diagnoses and OBD2 functions
Advanced functions Bi-directional control, advanced coding, and programming Bi-directional control, advanced coding, and programming Bi-directional control, advanced coding, and programming
Smart Link remote diagnosis No No Yes
Service functions Capable of 21 service functions including brake, oil, SAS reset, and more Capable of 26 service functions including windows calibration, A/F reset, and more Capable of 32 service functions including ACC calibration, GPF regen, and more