Pre- and Post- Scan reports for the Autel MaxiSys


Pre- and Post- Scan reports are now available on the entire line of Autel’s MaxiSYS MS908 series tablets and is available for free to for all MaxiSYS* tablets that have active software subscriptions.

* MS908 Elite, MS908SP, MS908S, MS908CV, MS908P, and MS908

This new features makes it easy to document the vehicle’s pre-repair and post-repair condition for insurance adjusters and customers and service managers.

Getting the latest update
If your subscription expired before July 2019, renew now to get the Pre- and Post- scan report feature. Subscriptions renewals available through AESwave, click here.

How to generate a Pre-Scan report
Connect the tablet to the vehicle and establish communication by either selecting AutoVin or entering the MMY. A pop-up window will request the entry of a Repair Order (RO). Input the RO number and press OK.

Selecting the Pre-Scan icon will initiate an AutoSCAN of the vehicle, whereby all available systems will be scanned for faults. As each module is scanned, the number of data trouble codes (DTCs) found will be noted in red. Modules related to any Advanced Driver Awareness System (ADAS) will be identified with an ADAS icon. ADAS devices including camera and radar units may require calibrating after vehicle repairs, even if the ADAS system was not directly involved. Photos of any visible vehicle damages can be taken with the Autel Maxisys and attached to the reports. The dated reports can be customized with repair shop logo and contact information, and can be printed or emailed directly to the insurance company or customer or service manager for review.

Pre-SCAN reports allow the technician to create and submit pre-repair diagnostic reports for expedited insurance carrier approval of repair estimates, and to help avoid additional insurance authorizations.

Once all repair costs are approved by the insurance company, the technician can create a more efficient repair plan from the start before any repair work has begun.

How to generate a Post-Scan report
After repairs have been completed generate a Post-Scan report of the vehicle by either selecting the vehicle via the Vehicle History application or by entering the RO used for the Pre-Scan report.

An icon will display labeled Post-SCAN. In addition to confirming that all pre-repair faults have been resolved, the Post-Scan is also instrumental in detecting if additional DTCs have been generated during repair.

Combine Reports
The Post-SCAN and Pre-SCAN reports will be combined into a single report file that can be saved to the repair shop system, printed or emailed to the insurance company or the customer. This shop branded and extensively detailed report process is ensuring a higher level of customer safety is easily provided when repairing today’s vehicles or the vehicles of the future.