AUTEL MS908P Customer Reviews

OBD2TOOL has collected some customer reviews on Autel Maxisys Pro MS908P. Post them here for you to take a reference.

If your a serious do-it-your-selfer and never want to have to pay a dealer or big shop for diagnostic work and can afford to spring for it, this is the one you need.

As someone who works almost exclusively with Mercedes i can say with certainty that this little computer is worth its weight in gold so far. if you have the diligence to do your part and learn how to use it, there is very little it will not do. from reading and clearing trouble codes that may or may not set your check engine light to reprogramming newly installed sensors or ecu’s (although you will need some manufacturer info to do these last two) I am more than pleased with the specific breakdown of each code in the fault report readout. after having used the older Snap-on systems in the past (which were a huge headache and provided what seemed to me, a very vague answer to every code) this thing is a pleasure to work with. It also provides a search icon next to each code it lists in the fault report… the search icon and the computer immediately searches the web for all articles, blogs, forum threads, service bulletins, recalls, YouTube videos etc etc related to your code (which can prove helpful if its something you happen to be unfamiliar with). If your a serious do-it-your-selfer and never want to have to pay a dealer or big shop for diagnostic work and can afford to spring for it, this is the one you need. Likewise if your pro grease monkey, this will do just about anything you’ll ever need it to.

The Autel wins

I have used this tool on European, Asian and American vehicles. So far haven’t found anything it couldn’t do. I even did variant coding on a 2002 Mercedes-Benz directly from the tool! The only drawback so far is you can’t download play store app. If, for instance you want to watch a youtube video, you have to go through the browser. (this next part is an edit to my original post) I also have a GM Tech 2 and a Snapon Modis Elite. Today I compared the Autel ms908p to the other two on a 2004 Chevrolet 2500 with a Duramax diesel. The Autel wins.It did everything the tech2 (which is the factory tool) could do. In fairness to the modis it did also but you have to change personality keys twice. The Autel is much faster than the others.

So far its an excellent tool. Purchased for our collision shop and needed a better scanner with print capability since our old one wouldnt do it. Recieved this tool and we have this thing out daily now doing things we didnt know was possibile with the increased capability this unit offers. Also much cheaper for the level of usefulness than the other scanners out there now.

Stop paying your dealership money!

Great product! Have a 45 car a week shop in Lindenhurst, NY. And I use this product to stop me from having to take me/be to the dealer for collision avoidance reset. Headlamp recalibration, and much more

Saves me time and tons of money by fixing things myself.

I have multiple different makes of vehicles to maintain. When the decision to purchase a Mercedes Benz was made, I knew that my cheap code reader was not going to cut it any more. The MS908P that I bought is awesome. Not only because it works on all vehicles, it does so much. I already used it to find an ABC issue on the SL55 AMG. I can’t wait to find out how much I can do with this unit. This has renewed my interest in hobby mechanics. Although I am sure professionals would find this unit very useful for their business. Love it so far.