How to Set Up New BMW ICOM A2 USB WiFi

The WiFi setting for old and new version BMW ICOM A2 is different. Please kindly read this BMW ICOM A2 USB WiFi Setup manual before you use WiFi function

*   Plug USB-WiFi adapter to the USB connector of your laptop
*   Disconnect your laptop from network, turn off all WiFi on your laptop, also do not connect the device to laptop currently.
*   Carefully check you have finish all the prepare working. Press”start” button to boot the laptop
*   Booting laptop, once confirm whether you turn off all internet or disconnect all lan cable

The DWA-131 is our USB-WiFi,no need turn off.”X” is normally, do not worry

*   Boot BMW ICOM A2 software, click WiFi for ICOM
*   You can connect the BMW Diagnostic Tool ICOM A2 interface to your car right now, wait about 20-30 mintues, the Wlan light on device will not flash or flash slow. That means the communication between USB WiFi and ICOM WiFi is ok
*   It’s time to click diagnosis or programming software


ICOM A2+B+C Diagnostic and Programming Tool for BMW