Installation Tips of ICOM for BMW USB wifi

Steps of using the new version BMW ICOM A2 software with USB wifi:(2015-6-12)

1.Please connect the USB wifi to the interface:


2.Close the wifi of computer ,please only use our USB wifi, and keep your wired network unavailable.

3.Power on the computer.
4.Check your network again to ensure there is only wireless network from the USB.


This DWA-131 is our wifi sign ,it’s normal to see it shows disconnected.

5.Launch ISPI-NEXT,tick off the selection wifi for ICOM


6.Plug the device to the car,wait 20-60 secs,you will see the WLAN light light on and flashes slowly or not flash ,which means both usb wifi and ICOM A2 wifi are ok .


7.Now you can start your work.


8.This window cannot be shuted down ,you can keep it minimum.


9.The software recognize the device normally.