How to Reset Your Honda Oil Maintenance Light


When the maintenance light comes on or you’ve changed the oil and filter on your Honda, the maintenance minder system will need to be reset.

Authorized Honda dealers will automatically reset your maintenance minder system as part of the service, but if you’ve changed the oil yourself or had the service performed elsewhere, you can manually reset the oil maintenance light with a few simple steps.

Here are the instructions for resetting the oil maintenance light on a 2007 or newer Honda Key Programmer.
Resetting Your Honda Oil Maintenance Light in 4 Steps

Step 1:  Turn the ignition to run (one click before starting the engine).
Step 2:  Press the Select/Reset button located on either your steering wheel or as a knob on your dash.  Depending on your model, either scroll through or press the knob repeatedly until “Engine Oil Life” or “Engine Oil Indicator %” is displayed.
Step 3:  Press and hold the Select/Reset button for 10 seconds.  The Engine Oil Indicator will begin to blink.
Step 4:  If your display reads “Engine Oil Life”, select the Reset mode by pressing the Info button on the steering wheel. Then press the Select/Reset button to return your oil life to 100%.

If your display reads “Engine Oil Indicator %”,  press and hold the Select/Reset knob for more than 5 seconds.  The oil life indicator % will change to 100%.
What is the Honda Maintenance Minder System?

Your oil maintenance light is part of the Maintenance Minder system. Honda introduced the Maintenance Minder system in 2006 to help drivers know when their vehicles are due for scheduled maintenance.  The Honda Key Programmer works by determining how your Honda is being used and calculating when regular maintenance should be preformed.
What Determines the Life of My Engine Oil?

The primary factors that affect the engine oil life are engine temperature, engine load, mileage driven, trip duration, vehicle speed and engine speed.  If your engine maintenance light has come on before it’s recommended scheduled 5,000 mile oil change, the Maintenance Minder system has predicted early breakdown of the additives in your oil based on use and engine conditions.

Steps for manually resetting the oil maintenance light vary from model to model, so make sure to consult your owner’s manual for exact instructions.