How to Get Honda Radio Code the Easy Way


Radio codes protect your stereo system from thieves, but if you’ve removed your stereo from your vehicle or disconnected the battery, you’ll need to enter your radio code for the stereo to function again. Your Honda Key Programming tool is printed on a small card and included with your owner’s manual. If you’ve misplaced your radio card or bought your Honda used, you can still easily retrieve your Honda’s radio code. Here’s how:
Check the inside of Your Glovebox for Your Radio Code

Many Honda models will have the radio code listed on a small white sticker inside the glovebox. The five or six digit code will be labeled “Anti-Theft Radio Code.”  Enter this code through the preset radio buttons on your radio.  You will hear a beep and then the radio will resume normal function.

If you do not have a radio code inside you glove box, don’t worry.  You can still retrieve it. But first you’ll need your radio serial number.
How to Retrieve Your Code if You Have a 2002 or Newer Honda

Press and hold radio preset buttons 1 and 6.  While holding down these buttons, turn your key in the ON position.  This will not start the vehicle, but will turn on the electrical components.  After a few moments, your stereo serial number will display a 10 digit alpha numeric code.  This is your radio serial number that you’ll have to write down.
How to Retrieve Your Code if You Have a 2001 or Older Honda

You radio serial number is located on the body of your radio unit.  To access OBD2 key Programmer, you’ll need to remove the radio from the dash.  Consult your owner’s manual on how to remove the radio properly or a bring your vehicle to a professional if you’re unsure.  Removing the radio improperly can damage the unit and dash.

Once you have your radio serial number, you have three ways to access your radio code.
Accessing Your Honda Radio Code Online

Drive to your local Honda or Acura dealer and provide your radio serial number and proof of ownership.

Your radio code will not change, so once you’ve retrieved it, write the code down for any future use.