How to Configure WiFi and USB for Original JLR DoIP VCI

Part 1: How to Configure WiFi for Original JLR DoIP VCI /setup wireless connection?

Original Jaguar Land Rover diagnostic tool JLR DoiP VCI supports both USB and WiFi connection. Here’s the guide to configure the LAN setting.

How-to-Configure-WiFi-and-USB-for-Original-JLR-DoIP-VCI-1 (2)


Connect JLR DoiP VCI W-F interface with vehicle

Connect the other end of VCI with laptop via USB cable

How-to-Configure-WiFi-and-USB-for-Original-JLR-DoIP-VCI-2 (2)

Open VCI Manager (JLR), press Connect

How-to-Configure-WiFi-and-USB-for-Original-JLR-DoIP-VCI-3 (2)

Choose Network Setup tab->Wired Etherent

How-to-Configure-WiFi-and-USB-for-Original-JLR-DoIP-VCI-4 (2)
Tick Enable Wired Etherent Interface

How-to-Configure-WiFi-and-USB-for-Original-JLR-DoIP-VCI-5 (2)

Press Apply button and Yes

How-to-Configure-WiFi-and-USB-for-Original-JLR-DoIP-VCI-6 (2)

Then disconnect USB connection

Close VCI Manager

Open VCI Manager again

Press Connect

Go to Network Setup->Wired Etherent

Press Set Factory Default

How-to-Configure-WiFi-and-USB-for-Original-JLR-DoIP-VCI-7 (2)

Press OK if system prompts you are about to reset the VCI communication settings to a factory default state.

How-to-Configure-WiFi-and-USB-for-Original-JLR-DoIP-VCI-8 (2)

Enable network connection

Press Set Factory Default again

How-to-Configure-WiFi-and-USB-for-Original-JLR-DoIP-VCI-9 (2)

In Wireless (802.11), choose Obtain an IP address automatically, then press Access Point

How-to-Configure-WiFi-and-USB-for-Original-JLR-DoIP-VCI-10 (2)

Choose Wireless resource which is the same as the your network
Press Configure

How-to-Configure-WiFi-and-USB-for-Original-JLR-DoIP-VCI-11 (2)

Enter wireless security password (encryption key)

Press Next

How-to-Configure-WiFi-and-USB-for-Original-JLR-DoIP-VCI-12 (2)

JLR VCI is configured to connect to your network

Disconnect and then Connect VCI

How-to-Configure-WiFi-and-USB-for-Original-JLR-DoIP-VCI-13 (2)

It shows WiFi connection is done

Open JLR SDD software on desktop

How-to-Configure-WiFi-and-USB-for-Original-JLR-DoIP-VCI-14 (2)

Press Connect

How-to-Configure-WiFi-and-USB-for-Original-JLR-DoIP-VCI-15 (2)
Now you can run SDD software for diagnosis

How-to-Configure-WiFi-and-USB-for-Original-JLR-DoIP-VCI-16 (2)

How-to-Configure-WiFi-and-USB-for-Original-JLR-DoIP-VCI-17 (2)
Part 2: How to connect JLR DoIP VCI via USB

To setup USB connection, you need to download Bosch driver for VCI first:!aqwnhbQS!KS7QhERmZ4cCcZfvT2iXkdYN6ynz9vDQ3DmPQRGm0TU

Open Bosch_Driver folder

How-to-Configure-WiFi-and-USB-for-Original-JLR-DoIP-VCI-18 (2)
Open MTS6533_Setup

How-to-Configure-WiFi-and-USB-for-Original-JLR-DoIP-VCI-19 (2)
Install Bosch VCI Software (JLR)
Press Next
Press Next
Press Install
Finish installing Bosch VCI software

How-to-Configure-WiFi-and-USB-for-Original-JLR-DoIP-VCI-20 (2)
USB Configuration in progress. Don’t disconnect JLR VCI from PC until a message indicates that the configuration process has completed.

How-to-Configure-WiFi-and-USB-for-Original-JLR-DoIP-VCI-21 (2)

Open Device Manager to check the Bosch JLR DoIP VCI adapter is well connected

How-to-Configure-WiFi-and-USB-for-Original-JLR-DoIP-VCI-22 (2)

Open VCI Manager on desktop to make sure the Manager detect JLR VCI which indicates interface is well connected

How-to-Configure-WiFi-and-USB-for-Original-JLR-DoIP-VCI-23 (2)

Right click JLR SDD software on desktop->Find File location C:/Program Files/JLR/SDD/Runtime

How-to-Configure-WiFi-and-USB-for-Original-JLR-DoIP-VCI-24 (2)

Open the GatewayManager with Notepad
Find “Device5 = JLR-DOIP” and change value to “,  Device5 = JLR-DOIP”

How-to-Configure-WiFi-and-USB-for-Original-JLR-DoIP-VCI-25 (2)

Find Go to C:/Program Files/JLR/IDS/Runtime

How-to-Configure-WiFi-and-USB-for-Original-JLR-DoIP-VCI-26 (2)
Open the GatewayManager with Notepad
Find “Device5 = JLR-DOIP” and change value to “,  Device5 = JLR-DOIP”

How-to-Configure-WiFi-and-USB-for-Original-JLR-DoIP-VCI-27 (2)

Setup completed.

Now you can run JLR SDD and Pathfinder software

How-to-Configure-WiFi-and-USB-for-Original-JLR-DoIP-VCI-28 (2)