Caterpillar Excavator Bolted Flag Removal Procedure and Installation Procedure

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Installation Procedure

Failure to follow the instruction below for the installation of a work tool may result in personal injury or death. Special care must be taken if more than one person is installing the work tool. Confirm the verbal communication and the hand signals that will be used during the installation.

Be alert for sudden movement of the front linkage and the work tool.

Do not insert fingers into the bores of the support pins when the support pins and the bores are being aligned.

To facilitate removal of the bucket pins without causing damage to the pins, the bearings, and/or the Oring seals put the bucket on the floor and the stick in a vertical position, as shown.

Removal Procedure
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1. Start the engine. Park the machine on a hard, level surface. Position the bucket, the stick, and the bucket control linkage, as shown. Shut off the engine.

2. Slide O-ring seals (6) off the pin joints and onto the flanges of the bucket.

When the pin assembly is removed, the linkage assembly may swing out of the bucket. To prevent possible personal injury, do not stand in front of the linkage assembly when the pin assembly is being removed.

Note: Removing the support pin may be difficult due to excessive pressure on the support pin. Remove the pressure on the support pin by adjusting the front linkag

3. Remove bolt (7). Remove support pin (8).
4. Remove bolt (10). Remove support pin (9).
5. Start the engine and raise the stick out of the bucket.
6. Remove the O-ring seals (6) from the flanges on the bucket
Note: After the support pins have been removed, make sure that the support pins do not become contaminated with sand or dirt. Make sure that the seals on the end of the stick and the seals on the end of the link do not become damaged.

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Caterpillar Hydraulic Information System (HIS)

Installation Procedure
1. Clean each pin and each pin bore. Lubricate each pin bore with molybdenum grease.

2. Position the O-ringseals(6) onto the flanges of the bucket Ill us tration 289g 03822736

3.Start the engine and lower the stick into the bucket until the pin bores are in align ment with each other.Stoptheengine.

4.Install support pin(9)into the pin bore.

5.Install bolt(10)

6.Referto Operation and Maintenance Manual,“Bucket Linkage-Inspect/ Adjust”in order toad just the bucket clear ance.

7.Slide O-ringseals(6)inposition over the pin joints between the bucket and the stick.

8.Start theengineand position the bucket link age into the bucket until the pin boresare in align ment with each other.Stop the engine.

9.Install support pin(8)into thep in bore.

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10.Install Bolt(7).

11.Slide theO-ringseals(6)over the pin joints between the bucket and the link assembly.

12.Lubricate the bucket pins. Refer to Operationand Maintenance Manual,“Bucket Linkage-Lubricate”or Operation and Maintenance Manual,“Boom, Stick, and Bucket Linkage-Lubricate”.