How to get Nexiq USB Link to work with Cat ET software

I’m here to help you guys confirm that:

The Nexiq adapter is able to work perfectly with Caterpillar Electronic Technician software.

Nexiq has no problems working with Cat ET. If the Cat is in a GM truck, you will need a special Cat OBDII connector. In trucks with the standard 6/9 pin connector, there is no issues.

Works on BHL F-series , Whl excav. and wheel loaders, but better option is Cat ET

Nexiq adapters work with Cat ET on truck engines.

NOT work on construction equipment due to a different communication protocol. Will need a Cat Comm 3 for those.

Btw, spend the money on a real Nexiq or good china clone if you do….stay away from the cheap china knockoffs. They work, kinda, but for how long and no support.

This is a working china clone Nexiq adapter at a good price

Here are NEXIQ USB Link adapter and CAT ET connection issues and solutions, which might help you out.

– Connection Error 434:

The reason for error 434 might be the adapterserver in the Cat software, change it for the chinese Cat server and it will work, at least here it does after the 434 error, C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Offboard Information Products, look here for “”CommunicationAdapterServer.exe”and “CommunicationAdapterServerps.dll” by me dll file was not there but I put it anyway, I copied it from a other XP computer who was working with the chinees cat adapter, however I put it in a WIN 7 computer, that was working too after the change, I m new here have no idea how to share the files, but I have them here, save the original files in a new folder, never know if you ever get a original one (-: , hope that I could help you with this info

– Connection Error 149:

Utilities -> Preferences -> Communications -> RP1210 Compilant Device then Advanced Choose USB Nexiq Link

If it doesn’t work,

Reinstall drivers and verify that you have this in the device manager

JUNGO USB LINK WINDRIVER if you missing one of this it wont work


You need to run this program in compatibility mode for windows xp, sp 3 to get the nexiq to work on windows 7. i was getting the same notice that my nexiq was not a rp1210 compliant device, i went to programs and selected cat (etech), right clicked, properties, compatibility, and chose windows xp sp3. went back to cat, and the device works perfectly now. That will fix this issue

– Cannot connect to any truck after Nexiq firmware update.

No need to be updated because the result would be the same it will not work, simply reformat the laptop or use an additional USB adapter.It has been my tried and succeeded.You simply reinstall firmware v1.0

remember where the first time you connect the USB port, meaning the usb port 1, port2 on the laptop.You can also look in computer management \ device manager \ Jungo \ there should be a USB device \ windriver.Good luck.

If you are using WIN XP. / WIN 7/8 you have to reinstall the PC / notebook / formate driver C / REMEMBER Coppy your data if only one partition.After you install all the software and nexiq drives, usb vincle nexiq connect to a PC / notebook to install the new one.If you find welcom to the found new hardware wizard or click cancel driver updates.Open Computer Management \ Device Manager \ Jungo \ if there is a usb device that is an exclamation point, click disable usb device And off usb nexiq of the computer after the reinstall usb nexiq to the computer and then click enable usb device and then restart your computer and unplug the usb nexiq back of the computer.Do the same on the other port.Good luck.

Connect to a computer usb nexiq vehicle.CAUTION cancle welcome to the new hardware found.go to Control panel \ administrative tools \ computer management \ device manager \ Jungo – usb device — click disable – unplug usb nexiq vehicle from computer.Then connect back to the computer usb vehicle nexiq — click enable usb devices – usb nexiq vehicle back off of the computer — restart the computer .