Where to got BMW Important Programmer for BMW F series key programming

CGDI BMW important programmer operate for BMW F serail essential prgramming, how you can got the CGDI BMW F serial key programming database? Here Obd2tool.com share a piece of free CGDI BMW F series programming database download as following.

CGDI BMW: BMW F series programming database download:

https://pan.baidu.com/s/1FKhet-BA3bj7etRwIg7riw (Buyer order CGDI BMW form Obd2tool.com, just keep order number to get in touch with email: sales@obd2tool.com to got password)

1.Just after you total download, the file is like this:


This folder consists of these files shown as below.


3.Appropriate click the CGDI icon on the desktop, choose the alternative “Open the location of your folder”.


4.Copy or cut the folder ” psdzdata” and paste it in to the category. Now you might be ready to use F series programming functions.

Please enjoy!

CGDI BMW Important key programmer BMW F series programming feedback:

1.Plan F30 326 2013 FEM smart key…OK
2.system F31 smart important FEM…OK


1.CGDI PROG bmw f20 2014 mileage reset OK
two.read ISN DME MSD80 OK 5WK93628
3.the CAS Plug from BMW Multi Tool will perform with CGDI, because CAS and OBD connector are BMW standard protocol.

Any have to have for CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 important programmer or BMW CAS key programmer just speak to us freely.