VXDIAG VCX NANO GDS2 V2020.2.1 Opel-Vauxhall free download and installation

GDS2 V100.0.00700 Opel-Vauxhall deliverables V2020.2.1 + new vci-installer + MD5 hash files.

GDS2 V100.0.00700 Opel -Vauxhall V2020.2.1 + MD5 hash 2020.zip:



Zip File: e257c188fb5b963412126af6010f0cd2


Link 1: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1z8mUYT9wwmL3IdRZ9COyt44PpZr4YYKg

Link 2: https://mega.nz/#F!bdoHkRBC!XvVEeCkavvjuWcxmO6gM_Q?PFwRQCrA

Zip File: 3db2f711129bfc33670455d1f916c256

Attach images:

GDS2 V100.0.00700 home menu.

GDS2 V100.0.00700 packets:

GDS2 V100.0.00700 year-up to 2020:

Astra K 2019:

Astra K 2020:

GDS2 V100.0.00700 workable hardware:

Vxdiag VCX Nano for Opel Vauxhall Wifi version & USB version: Confirmed

This is for vxdiag and the loader will start only with connected vxdiag device.

The device is great to start the program an use my MDI.

GM MDI:no success


Next is how to install GDS2 2020?

GDS2 2020 installation is as the same as GDS2 2019.2

I found a via to install and activate and works! Lease about of 9400 Days. works with VXDiag connected into USB

Uninstall GDS2 and GDS2 Java from Control Panel, and execute GDS2AutoInstall.exe (this install all automatically) (i used GDS2AutoInstall.exe from another version of GDS2 founded in the net)

then, install VX Manager, (before run GDS2 from desktop, open VXmanager, go to diagnostics, my apps, then install GM GDS2/t2w,) connect the VXDiag and launch the shorcut placed in the desktop GDS2. In GDS2 select connect to MDI2, not to VXDiag.

Differences between GM MDI v8.5.33.53 and v2.5.36.12:

GM MDI v8.5.33.53 – it is the manager for GM MDI and GM MDI2

v2.5.36. – it is the manager for the newest Bosch Opel Vauxhall VCI ( this replaced GM MDI2 )

About GDS2 what the difference between deliverables files : opel and OV_opel, same for GM and OV_GM?

I suppose you already recived an answare at this question in other forum.

After GDS2 split in two one for NA and one for EU  the datapackages are diffrent.

Opel and GM Global is for NA GDS2 ( acedelcotds )

OV_Opel and OV_GM global is for European GDS2 ( public.serbicebox-parts )

Opel is a PSA

Chevy is GM


To be more clear:

OV_Opel will cover Opel/Vauxhall upto 2020 and OV_ GM Global cars ( Chevy ) upto 2018.

Opel  will cover upto 2018 and GM Global will cover futhure cars.

Futhure opel will be in Diagbox and futhure Chevy will srill be in GM GDS2

Witother words GDS2 EU platforme will have no updates.

Maybe to make you pay they will have newer GDS2 but the coverage will be the same. ( As for SAAB with have packages for each GDS2 version but the car coverage is the same )