Launch Xprog 3 Key Programmer User Manual

Launch Xprog 3 all-in-one key programmer, a powerful and multi-functional chip reading device can reads & writes most Engine/ Gearbox ECUs without disassembling the shell. Supports Automatic Transmission, Instrument System, CAS, Body System, Lock System, etc. works with X-431 PRO GT, X-431 PRO V4.0, X-431 PRO 3 V4.0, X-431 PRO 5, X-431 PAD III V2.0, X-431 PAD V, X-431 PAD VII.


Launch Xprog 3 Highlight
1. All-in-One Key Programmer. Integrates Multiple Function Models
2. Reads & Writes Most Engine/ Gearbox ECUs Without Disassembling the Shell
3. Supports VW/ AUDI MQB Platform Engine ECU Replacement or Cloning (Read engine ECU data directly from the key).
4. Works with Reprogramming Device to Backup/ Restore Programming Data (For Bosch/Siemens engine ECU).
5. Enables Reading/ Writing EEPROM, On-Board MCU, and BMW CAS4+/ FEM Chips, Mercedes-Benz Infrared Keys, Generating Special Keys, Reading BMW Engine ISN Code.

Launch Xprog 3 Powerful Functions
*   VW/AUDI MQB platform engine ECU replacement or cloning (Read engine ECU data directly from the key).
*   VW/AUDI MQB platform gearbox ECU replacement or cloning.
*   ECU replacement for the fifth-generation of Audi (0AW/0B5) gearbox.
*   Supports reading, writing & cloning the ECU for the fourth-generation of VW UDS engine.
*   BMW E chassis 8HP gearbox ECU reprogramming to empty.
*   Works with reprogramming device to backup/restore programming data (For Bosch/Siemens engine ECU).
*   Integrated the functions of key matching/copy, anti-theft IC reading & writing, and ECU reading & writing, etc.
*   Covers common ECU/MCU/EEPROM major manufacturers, with over 1200 product models, and constantly updating.
*    ECU replacement for all lost without disassembly for VW/AUDI non-35XX instrument (it can be read directly through independent harness without removing the IC).

Launch Xprog 3 Supports Vehicle Brand
VW, Audi, Skoda, SEAT, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota… More models continue to be updated.
Supports Chip Brand


Supports EEPROM Brand


Launch Xprog 3 Operation Connection


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