How to Reset Service Oil by VCDS for 2004 Audi A3

This short instruction will show you guide on how to reset service oil by VCDS for 2004 Audi A3.

This function also suitable for Volkswagen,Seat,Skoda.


Connect VCDS to vehicle OBD port, running VCDS.

Click “Select” for select control module

Select “17-Insruments”

Select “Adaptation -10 “

Click “Documented adaptation channels can be selected here”

Select “Service Reminder”

Input “0” for New value, then click “Test”

Select “Mileage since Service”, input “0” for New value, then click “Test” and “Save”

Noted: Increments 1=100km

Adaptation channels 40-49 must be entered and stored in the following order


Save Value: 0

To Channel: 40

With WSC: 00046

Click “Yes”

Select “Service Reminder” , input “0” for New value , click “Test”, then “Yes”

Click “Done, and go back”

Function is ready.