Equipment ID (NOT PROGRAMMED) on Caterpillar ET Software

Equipment ID


Equipment ID allows the customer to enter a description into the Electronic Control Module (ECM) in order to identify the Machine, such as Model/ Unit Number. A maximum of 17 characters may be entered in the field. This Parameter is only for reference by the Customer. Note: This Parameter is not required.

To access the Equipment ID:
1). Connect CAT Caterpillar ET to the Service Tool connector.
2). Select Configuration from the Service menu, or click the Configuration Tool icon.

3). Click on the plus [+] symbol to the left of a selected Configuration Group: ECM Identification Parameters, or click Expand All to display all of the Parameters in each Configuration Group for a selected ECM.


4). Highlight the Parameter to be changed: Equipment ID, and click the Change button. The Change Parameter Value dialog box is displayed. Enter the new value in the New Value text box (a text string of 17 characters or less).


5). Click OK to accept the new value. The Are you sure… message box will be displayed. Click Yes to change the Parameter, or click No to keep the current Parameter value. The Configuration Tool screen will be displayed.