Difference of SKP900 and CK100 key programmer

I noticed that many locksmiths on Facebook and forums are discussing about SKP900 Key Programmer recently. SKP900 is becoming a rising star in locksmith industry while CK 100 Key Programmer has always been the hottest selling car key programmer in the past months. Some locksmiths then asked me what is the difference between the two tools and which one should they pick if they want to get a car key programmer. Here I will briefly list 5 differences between the two tools.


Built by SuperOBD Company, a professional manufacture ofcar key programmers and PIN code readers, SKP900 has better quality than CK100.

Vehicle support:

As a cheap device, CK100 is great as it covers many car brands such as Alfa Remeo, Audi, Buick, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford and Citroen, but it does not cover all of their models, especially the newer ones made in 2014. Although the latest CK100 V45.06 supports extra Ford, Honda and Toyota cars than V45.02, its vehicle list is a lot shorter than SKP900 which supports almost all the vehicles in the world. Besides, SKP900 manufacturer has got it back and is developing its car list.


SKP900 can read PIN code from many vehicles for programming while CK100 cannot. Therefore SKP900 is more user friendly than CK100.


SKP900 Key Programmer supports lifetime free update, no limitation on update times, while CK100 cannot be updated.


Although CK100 is not as powerful and professional as SKP900, it is much cheaper than SKP900. SKP900 costs $385 shipping from US Only 2 Days Delivery on OBD2TOOL, while CK100 costs $128.