Car Key Programming – Remote Car Key Fobs & Transponder Keys

A auto locksmith who specialises in Automotive key Programmer will be able to help with the following problems:

*   Repair car key fobs and provide replacement fob
*   Remote car key fob is not working
*   Transponder key is broken/damaged
*   Provide a spare transponder key
*   Transponder chip inside the car key remote is broken or damaged
*   Lost your car key fob
*   Reprogram car key fobs

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Types of Car Keys That Need Programming

Since 1995 vehicles are legally required to have an immobiliser system.  To work this requires a transponder key with an electronic chip.  The car only starts if the ignition receives the correct code when the key is turned.


Common types of keys that will need reprogramming include:

*   Car key with remote fob ( remote keys ) – provide keyless entry to the vehicle
*   Car key with integrated transponder chip ( transponder key ) – cars built after 1995
*   Flip type keys + key cards

My Car Keys are Pre 1995 – No Programming Required

Pre 1995 transponder car keys will not need programming but you will need to find a locksmith specialising in car key cutting and copying vehicle keys.


How long does it take to program a key to your car?

Some auto locksmiths will have the ability to cut and programme a ‘cloned key’ in minutes. The vehicle itself may have to be present, to ‘read’ some wireless information from a key ‘working’ in the ignition.

Car Key Programming with Hickleys Key Programming Tool

Remote Car Key Fob programmed using Car Diagnostic Tool
Why it may take longer to program car keys

Some keys cannot be ‘cloned’ and may need a diagnostic machine to complete the process.

Also, some vehicles MAY require a ‘login’ code or PIN before the programming software will allow the diagnostics-machine to access the vehicle.

Can you program a Car Key Yourself?

In general NO, very few can be done without some vehicle diagnostics.   The internet may say otherwise, but there are variations from country to country.

Some advancements have been made recently, where the key fob can be ‘cloned’ which is scary but is probably being developed for high-street key cutters, but it’s early days yet for full-coverage.
How much does it cost to program a key to a car?

The price to program a car key to a vehicle all depends on your vehicle make, model and year, this makes a big difference to the cost. Some car keys to program can cost from £50 to over £200 for other vehicle models.

The price to program a car key is usually so high because the software used can cost over £20,000.

We recommend phoning an auto locksmith near you and giving them your vehicle year, make and model to get a quote.
Can a key fob be reprogrammed for another car?

In some cases YES, but it depends on the year/make/model. Some cars now have the transponder integrated into the circuit board of the remote-fob, these cannot usually be reused.

Car Key Programming Near You

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What is the difference between a transponder key & a remote key?

The main difference between a transponder key and the remote key fob is how they operate:

*   Both keys usually have the same appearance

Remote Key

*   Is run by a radio frequency so you can lock and unlock your car via the key blade and remote
*   If the remote key does not work, you can use the standard flat car key to start the vehicle.

Transponder Key:

*   Is also run by a radio frequency which allows you to unlock and lock the vehicle


The key fob for a transponder key also has an electronic chip inside which remotely responds to the ignition, without it, the engine will not start & a thief cannot disarm the alarm system.

Car Key Programming for any Model of Car & Van Keys

A auto locksmith can cut, program/reprogram & provide replacement car keys for remote fobs and transponder keys for most vehicle manufacturers, if your car key is damaged then a locksmith should be able to repair & provide a replacement set.

Car key logos

*   Alfa Romeo
*   Aston Martin
*   Audi
*   Bentley
*   BMW
*   Bugatti
*   Citroen
*   Daewoo
*   DAF
*   Daihatsu
*   Ferrari
*   Fiat
*   Ford
*   Honda
*   Hyundai
*   Isuzu
*   Iveco

*   Jaguar
*   Jeep
*   Jensen
*   Kawasaki
*   Kia
*   Lamborghini
*   Land Rover
*   Lexus
*   Lotus
*   Maserati
*   Mazda
*   Mercedes
*   Mini / Mini Cooper
*   Mitsubishi
*   MG
*   Nissan
*   Peugeot

*   Porsche
*   Renault
*   Rolls Royce
*   Rover
*   Saab
*   Scania
*   Seat
*   Skoda
*   Ssangyong
*   Subaru
*   Suzuki
*   Toyota
*   Vauxhall
*   Volkswagen VW
*   Volvo
*   Yamaha

Should your specific model of a car not be listed above, give a MLA auto locksmith a call to see if they can help you