what is the best automotive diagnostic scanner

Are you looking for a professional OBD2 diagnostic scan tool that can provide the best services ranging from oil reset, ABS bleeding, bi-directional control to injector coding, key coding, ECU programming, etc. Congratulation on your landing in the right place!

But, which is the best match for you and your budget? Do you really need that $2,000 tool—and conversely, will a $100 device have the features you need?

In this article, we’ll review the top models on the market in 2021 and we believe that you can find a good fit without spending a fortune.

First, let’s see what the editor recommends!!

Top Brands

There are a lot of scan tools out there to choose from. So how do you find the best? There are four that we recommend for both product quality and customer service: Autel, Launch, Foxwell, and BlueDriver.


Website: https://www.foxwelltech.com/?flag=y

The range of tools in Foxwell’s catalog is robust, covering everything from primary code readers to professional models with programming capabilities. As an online retailer, they’re easy to reach when you need customer service, and their products are well-regarded for their accuracy and diagnostic speed.

=> Recommendation:  Foxwell NT624 Elite



Website: bluedriver.com

As a relatively new contender in the automotive scan tool market, BlueDriver’s innovative system pairs a wireless adapter with a smartphone app. BlueDriver products get high marks for convenience and are designed with regular drivers in mind rather than professionals. Because of this, their products are easy to understand and use, even if you’re not a car expert.

=> Recommendation: BlueDriver



Website: https://www.auteltech.com/

Autel’s primary focus is on the research and development of intelligent automotive diagnostic systems. Their scan tools are among the most advanced on the market, with a wide range of included service and diagnostic functions. If you’re looking for the most innovative scan tools on the market, Autel is the brand you’ll want to go with.

=> Recommendation: Autel Maxisys Elite



Website: https://en.cnlaunch.com/

Launch scanners give mechanics the best bang for their buck. Their diagnostic equipment is designed for professionals but sells at a great value that makes them affordable for home mechanics. Their emphasis on global technology development also gives their products broad vehicle compatibility.

=> Recommendation: Launch X431 V+