Reset Steering angle sensor via X431 PRO for Buick New Lacrosse

This instruction show you guide on how to reset steering angle sensor by X431 PRO. If you want to know more about X431, please click here: How to use launch X431.

Reset-Steering-angle-sensor-via-X431-PRO-for-Buick-New-Lacrosse-1 (2)


Connect X431 interface to Buick New Lacrosse obd port, then run X431 soft.

After enter into ESP system,Read 6 error code:

U0073 communication Bus line A control module closed;

U0100 lost communication with engine control module;
U0140 lost communication with car body control module;

U0125 lost communication with multi-axis acceleration sensor module;C0242 Power system module display traction control;

C0710 6/5000 Steering position signal

Reset-Steering-angle-sensor-via-X431-PRO-for-Buick-New-Lacrosse-2 (2)

Select China GM V48.75 above–>manual selection–> Buick
Reset-Steering-angle-sensor-via-X431-PRO-for-Buick-New-Lacrosse-3 (2)

Select 2010

Reset-Steering-angle-sensor-via-X431-PRO-for-Buick-New-Lacrosse-4 (2)

Select New Lacrosse

Reset-Steering-angle-sensor-via-X431-PRO-for-Buick-New-Lacrosse-5 (2)

System Selection–> Electronic Brake control module

Reset-Steering-angle-sensor-via-X431-PRO-for-Buick-New-Lacrosse-6 (2)

Select Equipped

Reset-Steering-angle-sensor-via-X431-PRO-for-Buick-New-Lacrosse-7 (2)

Select Electronic Brake control module version according to vehicle configuration

Reset-Steering-angle-sensor-via-X431-PRO-for-Buick-New-Lacrosse-8 (2)

Select config /reset,The learning function of the steering wheel Angle sensor is usually in the configuration/reset function.

Reset-Steering-angle-sensor-via-X431-PRO-for-Buick-New-Lacrosse-9 (2)

Select steering angle sensor learning function

Reset-Steering-angle-sensor-via-X431-PRO-for-Buick-New-Lacrosse-10 (2)

Follow the instructions to set the correct direction so that the front wheel of the vehicle is facing forward and the steering wheel is centered ,click”confirm”

Reset-Steering-angle-sensor-via-X431-PRO-for-Buick-New-Lacrosse-11 (2)

Click Confirm,The steering wheel Angle sensor learning function begins,send instructions。The function data flow condition is: the vehicle stops, the place.It has a wheel speed of 0.

After satisfying all conditions,waiting for 5~10s,prompt function execution is finshed.see pic13,Then switch off the ignition.

Reset-Steering-angle-sensor-via-X431-PRO-for-Buick-New-Lacrosse-12 (2)

Switch on the ignition, check the dashboard prompt info,The original display information has disappeared。Re-enter into electronic brake control module, clear error code, then do verification when running the car, if everything is normal ,the error is solved.

Reset-Steering-angle-sensor-via-X431-PRO-for-Buick-New-Lacrosse-13 (2)

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