Autel 908p and Elite Which to choose



I have Autel MS908P and wish i would have bought the Maxisys Elite just for the 2 year deal and its slightly better tablet. however I also wish i would have bought the 908 regular without programming because I have heard the programming is not very good with it. Maybe get a Bosch mastertech for programming and Autel regular 908 would be better. If you have unlimited access to your shops verus, then I say trade for autel. makes sense to me. If you work on side then I say have both. Like I said, I have Autel 908p, Autel scope as well as picoscope 4 channel and I just purchased a modis ultra used. I should be able to work on just about anything now. No one tool is best but now I shouldn’t be sending work away. Hope this helps.


I came across a dealer that had an Autel scanner Autel Elite used for $1800 and he’s selling me the updates for 900. I need to break down and update it cuz until I do it’s not warrantied, of which he didn’t really tell me about and That didn’t make me happy. Anyway with a $900 updates and only paying $1,800 for it I still figure I got a deal. Are those two years updates included with it from a US dealer or Japanese? He told me they didn’t come with two years of free updates. Anyway I’m still getting used to it and learning… I’ve only started using this much better bi-directional scanner and just purchased Pico scope! Dang lot to learn on that Pico scope especially if you’re not used to using a scope, but at least I got the best tool. The hantek was crap, the software especially. And yeah it’s really too bad that one machine doesn’t cover more. especially when you spend so much freaking money on it!