Esys Fix 2014 M5 Crash after ISTA/P update(like flash module)

I have a 2014 M5 and flashed the car, the junction box and a bunch of other modules too, with ISTA/P 2.52.4 and an BMW ICOM clone A2 from It was the fourth or fifth car that I had flashed with this equipment.

It seemed that ISTA/P crashed during flashing. ISTA/P is now not able to read the VO from VCM (also E-sys) and if you load the stored VO and read out the ECU with E-Sys (read VCM isn’t possible) you see 0 ECUs.

It looks like that all ECUs are unavailable and in programming mode. He can open and close the car but nothing more.

Connection via E-Sys is only possible by Gateway/Url (OBD Ethernet cable) or ICOM IP. ZGW is of course not available.
What I did to fix it is, I used Esys to fix the BMW Diagnostic Tool.

I need to use the Psdzdata that was on the module before it was flashed.
Run these step like flashing a module
Here are the basic steps:

Go to Comfort Mode => TAL-Calculating
– Read and Save FA
– Activate FA
– Read and Save SVT Actual as SVT_ist
– Create an SVT Target
Under KIS/SVT Target Calculation Strategy, select Complete Flash
Select I-Step (shipm.) to match your original I-Level as read and shown in VCM I-Step (Shipment)
I-Step (target.) will be unselectable as it is fixed based on current PSdZData I-Level
Do a KIS/SVT Target Calculation and Save as SVT_soll
– Do a TAL Calculation and Save as SVT_tal

Go to Expert Mode => TAL-Processing
Load TAL (SVT_tal)
Load SVT Target (SVT_soll)
Select “Read FA” button.
Check radio button for “read VIN out of FA”
On ECU Tab, uncheck let top box in column “All” (All checked boxes should toggle to unchecked)
On ID Base Row for Modules, make check boxes in blFlash, swDeploy, cdDeploy, and ibaDeploy columns.
Press Check software availability
Press Start and it will proceed with processing TAL to flash

blFlash, swDeploy, cdDeploy, and ibaDeploy uncheck all boxes but these in the modules it finds.

Then Esys finds the modules its strange mine were half on 53.5 and half on 53.2 in some strange state.

after doing this I was able to restore them back to a working state before the upgrade. And everything was normal again

Mine looked like the attached picture. It was pretty bad. I really don’t trust Ista/p on a BMW ICOM A2 clone doesn’t seem to cause more issue then good during programming on these new model cars. ICOM clone from reliable sellers sometimes can be nice also.