BMW E46 GM5 Coding Problem with NCS Expert (solved)

I have adjusted lots of settings using NCS Expert with BMW ICOM A2+B+C for my E46 diagnosis and most of what I want now works great.

I do however have a problem with the GM5 module, as far as i can tell I have everything set as it should be but despite this, the roof will not go up and down on the remote, it does if I unlock/lock with the key and hold the key.

Also, my boot release button that was working fine now does not open the boot, this is on 2 keys so it must be something I am doing wrong.

Lastly all my windows open with one touch, including the button that does all 4, however none of them close with one touch, I think I have all settings correct in the file above so that they should close one touch too, very frustrating…

Is there anything wrong with my bmw diagnostic tool BMW ICOM A2 or where am I going wrong.

I have a copy of my FSW.PSW,MAN here


1-2 1-3 1-4 1-5 1-6

The settings like these are fine. Please try this as follows:

With NCS try to code the GM5 to default settings using the expert profile, after that check if the trunk button works again. (Just read GM5, set JOB to SG_Codieren then Code it back)

Then change the GM5 settings again you want and check if the roof work this time.

If the windows one touch still not works, try to reinitialize them, put key in ignition and turn it to position 2 then press and hold the window button down, if it’s fully down hold the button down for 10 sec longer, then hold window button fully up wait 10 sec longer.

When pushing the button down/up you need to press it fully down and up. (1-touch position)

If the window works, do the same with the other windows.

Ps. BMW ICOM A2 is a professional diagnostic tool for BMW vehicles. Generally speaking, the high quality is guaranteed so that do not worry about its quality.