How to do BMW E90 new FRM coding with Ncs Expert

I have an BMW 2007 E90 335i.
I’m going to swap my frm1 module with an frm2 module from 2008 so I can have the warm welcome halos light up when I unlock the car.

I finally got it in and working!
The angel eyes now turn on when I unlock the door, but I remember the angel eyes slowly turning on when I tested it on the donor car.
On my car they just abruptly turn on.
Once your new frm module is in.
From the Ncs Expert MAIN MENU(once you open the app and connect to the car)

Click vehicle
Click vehicle order
Click CAS
Click Edit
Click date
Change date to March 2007
Click Actions
Click save
A window pops up, “choose location”
Click both FRM and CAS.(it will change the date on both CAS and frm and copy your VO from CAS to FRM.

Once that’s done, your FRM should show the same VO as your ICOM A2. If not, close the app and try again.

Default coding the FRM.

Main menu again:
Click safety
Click FRM(footwell module)
Click coding
Click default code
A window promoting you to make a back up will pop up, click confirm.
Click Car access system(CAS)
It will say “copying VO” then “coding”
It should say coding successful once it’s done.

Verify your new FRM has your vin written on it by clicking FUNCTIONS and then read vin(still in the frm menu).

If your vin is read, you’re done.
If Your FRM shows XXXXXXX as vin, relaunch the app and read the vin again. If it still says XXXXXXX as vin, default code the frm again.
Really easy, should only take a few minutes.