MB SD Connect C4/C5 Star Diagnosis tool cannot measure the car

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MB SD Connect C4/C5 Star Diagnosis tool cannot measure the car

The customer connected the Mercedes-Benz to be tested, opened the MB SD Connect C4/C5 xentry software, and selected the corresponding model. The final step of the test is as follows:

The above problem occurred and the hardware of MB SD Connect C4/C5 was not found. Generally there are three problems:
1. MB SD Connect C4/C5 host problem
2. MB SD Connect C4/C5 network cable problem
3. Computer problem with MB SD Connect C4/C5

The customer connects to the host and computer of the MB SD Connect C5/C4 via a network cable. The host’s MB SD Connect C4/C5 host screen is displayed as follows:

From the display prompt: Device not in use
As you can see, MB SD Connect C4/C5 does not work.
Look at the icon in the red circle: This display is the MB SD Connect C4/C5 host is not connected to the computer.



If the MB SD Connect C4/C5 host is connected to the computer, the icon should look like this:

That may be because
1, network cable problem
2, the network card is broken
3, the network card driver has a problem

Solution:Replace a new network cable (common with ordinary network cable)

1. If you replace the new network cable and the connection is normal as shown below, the original network cable is damaged.

2. If you change the network cable or the following is displayed: that is, the computer’s network card or network card driver has a problem.

3. If it is a driver problem, reinstall the NIC driver to solve it.

4. If the NIC driver is reinstalled, the problem remains the same. That is the problem with the network card, please check or replace the new network card to solve.

At the same time, if your MB SD Connect C4/C5 hardware can be connected to the car, the lower right corner of your computer will display as follows:

If the MB SD Connect C4/C5 hardware is not connected to the car and computer, or if the hardware is not found after the connection, it will be displayed as follows:

If you still have problem to use MB SD Connect C4/C5 Star Diagnostic tool, please contact our sales. <sales@obd2tool.com>

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MB Star C3 09 2018 Xentry cannot work on W204

Mb Star C3 Star diagnostic system failed to work on Mercedes W204? Here is the customer solution. You are at your risk!


I have DELL D630 with Xentry 09/2015 and MB Star C3 multiplexer. I have connected many cars (W202, W203, W210, W211, W245, etc) and there is no problem with connection – everything is working like a charm. Some days ago, I have bought W204 C280 from 2007. After I choose model, engine and transmission, and I go to diagnostic I see this:

“The diagnosis application is being started…”

and few seconds later this:

“Initialization of the multiplexer has failed”

My Mux is not compatible with W204? I searched few hours without success.

Customer solution:
W204 and X204 is the last Mercedes models which working without some special modifications.
You can try:

First try in toolkit.ini delete line skipcomports=all and set line usecomport=2 then you will see in SDconnect toolkit PartD on display after mux connection.

First save your original file for sure.

Try look into C:\Userdata\Config\Xentry\driver – slave.ini and set there com port which you have used for PartD.


There was no change because I didn’t restarted system. After restart work perfect.

Your solution work perfectly! Probem solved. Everything is working like a charm.

Obd2tool.com solution:

If you need to deal with newer Mercedes models, better go for SD Connect C4 or Xentry C5 diagnostic system.