Can I use Tech 2 for OBD1

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Can I use Tech 2 for OBD1

TECH 2 scan tools work with GMs from 1991- 2013

OBD1 is everything before ’96!

If the menu is in the Tech2 for ’91 then that hints that all you would need is the correct 16 – 12 connector/adapter and also likely a provision to power it with the adapter. OBD2 is self-powered from the DLC, OBD1 ain’t. ’94 & ’95 would work without the adapter, they’re 16 pin DLC with pin 16 being B+.

I’ve used my “REAL” Tech 2 Scan Tool with ’95 but not Corvette, compared to my Tech1 on the same car I did have some contradictory comparisons that I couldn’t explain. I don’t recall them now but it did confuse me for a time. I put a JY ECM in a ’95 ParkAvenue for a fellow to resale and it ran well so I worried NOT about it.

FYI, There is a Tech1A OBD1 to OBD2 interface that lets the Tech1a work fine with 96.

I have done it multiple times, you MUST have a Tech1A with correct mass storage module to install a new PCM or CCM to program key fob resistance, mileage , vin info ,LT1 or LT5. You have 100 miles after install to program the module or it becomes non programmable. (this pertains to new or reman module, used module is just what you get and is non programmable)
Edit: The manual says it should work with the OBD I connector:
2005 Tech 2 User’s Guide VI – 15

If not properly grounded, the CANdi module will appear to be defective when it is not. The Professional Diagnostic Tool CANdi module will fail due to improper grounding if you use the 16-pin DLC (J-1962) connector and power the
Tech 2 from an AC/DC power supply. The adapter you use must have a GM part number. Although PVI
adapters are similar to GM adapters, they will not work with the CANdi module.

CANdi Module Troubleshooting Guide

If a CANdi module is not functioning properly, please perform the following tests:

Make sure the CANdi module is properly grounded by connecting to a vehicle or by using the 12-pin

ALDL connector, which has the signal and chassis ground shorted.

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Upgrade Opel CD30MP3 Radio to CD40 with GM Tech 2 Scanner

In this post, I want to share a successful experience from a customer. He updated his Opel/Vauxhall CD30/CD30 MP3 to CDC40 with the Tech 2 Scanner which bought from obd2tool. The following is his guide and help Opel owners to have advanced Audio display.

Tools you will need:

GM Tech2 Diagnostic Tool Opel 32MB card or OP-COM CAN OBD diagnostic interface
Blaupunkt car CDC40

How to:

Turn on the dashboard

Connect Car Diagnostic Tool Tech2 scanner to Opel/ Vauxhall  OBD port by using the OBD2 cable

Turn ignition ON

Disable below anti-theft protection modules with Tech2 scanner by following steps


EHU -> Code Index -> 001_02

Enable the anti-theft protection:




Turn off the dash and disconnect Tech2 scanner

Remove the CD30 / CD30 mp3 using the appropriate accessories. You will need to disconnect the antenna wire and the connector big loosening the locking device that engages in the lower part of the connector

Replace the original antenna with the appropriate terminal for receiving digital signals:

Unscrew the existing antenna

Disconnect the sky (just ask for details)

Unscrew the nut holding the antenna base

To avoid replacing the entire cable I suggest you remove it from the antenna and then connect the old to the new

Connect to your CDC40 connecting the connector and the antenna wire.

Enter the CDC40 in his quarters, making sure that the connector wire remains free.

Turn the ignition on.

The CDC40 will turn on and begin to “bip”, the display will alternate “Display SAFE”, “Radio SAFE” and “UHP SAFE”.

Program with the Tech2 scan tool EHU and set all the values to “Not Present”

GID Present

UHP Present

ECC Present

DAB Present

EHU Present

Program with the Tech2:

EHU -> Code Index -> 001_02

Enable the protection (anti-theft) of:




The radio will reboot and the screen will show “head unit protection”.

Press and hold the Eject button on the CD until you hear a ratcheting noise. This step serves to unlock the transport lock.