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My Using experience with Autel Maxisys MS906


I wanted to write this review to hopefully help some others out there. One thing that I really wanted the ability to do is program keys. I could not find any good hard information that this was supposed to program keys. Because of this, I was leaning towards the older DS-708. I decided to give obd2tool a call and gather some information.

They told me that the Autel Scanner MS-906 was the replacement for the DS-708, but the DS-708 was end of life. They said if you buy a used one, and something happens to the card, then it will essentially be a brick if you don’t have a backup. They also told me that the MS-906 would not program keys and that I had to get the pro version that was quite a bit more expensive. This did not make sense to me because if the MS-906 replaced the DS-708, it should do everything that the DS-708 does.

I ended up messaging the seller on Amazon, and he told me that it would not as well. I figured I would order it and I could always return it. Turns out, the MS-906 DOES program keys! I’m very impressed with the scanner. Comparing it to an older Snap-On Solus, it blows it out of the water! The graphing is nice, has a TON of features!

If you’re looking to buy a reliable, intuitive and well-built scan tool then the Autel MaxiSYS MS906 should perhaps be on top of your shopping list.

Autel MaxiSYS MS906 is a more improved version of the highly acclaimed MaxiDAS DS808 and DS708.Compared to its predecessor, the MS906 has a broader range of features. They include diagnosis, service and repair functions, key coding, Wi-Fi connectivity, touch screen, sleek tablet-like design and so much more.

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Autel MaxiSys vs Snap-On TPMS & Tire Size Adjustment

I recently got the new 17.2 software upgrade for my Snap-On scanner, also the shop I work for got the newest Autel Maxisys Elite scanner. I had a chance to play around with them this weekend on my truck. All of this info applies to my 2008 3rd gen.


The newest Autel MaxiSys Elite. Choose “Hot Function”.


Next choose “Tire Pressure”.


The 3rd Gen has a heavy & light load TPMS settings and the Autel accommodates both settings where the Snap-On only gives you one setting.



I set my heavy load limit to 40 PSI which should trigger the warning light at 34 PSI. Note that the adjustment limit is 28-80 PSI.



After I reset the heavy load setting, I did the same for the light load setting and this was the final result.
NOTE: 28 PSI is the lowest possible setting available for my truck, with a 22 PSI warning light trigger threshold.


Newest 17.2 software


From the list of modules you can interface with choose the “TPM”.


Then choose the “System Tests” option.


Showing minimum setting at 28 PSI and the 6 PSI threshold to trigger the warning light at 22 PSI.

Right now my tires are set to 35 PSI and I have no warning lights on. The only side effect so far is that when I push the “Light Load” button on my dashboard, the indicator light flashes and then turns off. Something is not happy with the changes I made. I’ll have to play around with it some more to see if I can get the indicator light to cooperate. All of this was accomplish without needing a dealer supplied 4 digit code. I assume thats just something required for the 4th gen trucks.