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The difference between Launch X431 diagun IV and launch x431 diagun III

There is newest launch scanner in market, it called launch x431 diagun IV, also called launch x431 diagun 4.  Compared with old launch x431 diagun III, what is the launch x431 diagun IV advantage ?  what is the difference between them ?

1. The mainly advantage of launch x431 diagun IV diagnostic tool is add special function Brake Reset,Oil Reset,SAS Reset,BAT.Reset,Bleeding,Elec.TH Tottle Rottle Rlrn, TPMS Reset, DPF REG. the old launch x431 diagun III not support these special function


2.  launch x431 diagun IV and launch x431 diagun iii scan tool main unit is difference.

Car diagnostic scanner Launch x431 diagun IV  main unit as following:


Launch x431 diagun III main unit picture as following:


3. the Bluetooth dbscar connector is difference.

Launch X431 Scan Tool diagun IV DBscar connector is black.  Launch x431 diagun III dbscar connector is red.  You can check the pictures


4. Auto scanner launch x431 diagun IV storage is 16GB, big capacity, which can meet all your requirements.  launch x431 diagun III is only 1GB


  1. operation system : launch x431 diagun IV is android 7, launch x431 diagun iii is WIN CE 5.0 ,
  2. processor : launch x431 diagun IV is Quad core 1.1 GHz launch x431 diagun 3 is 400MHZ ARM9
  3. Battery:launch x431 diagun IV is 2500mh rechargeable polymer lithium battery launch x431 diagun III 3800 mAh
  4. Funtion: launc h x431 diagun IV support many functions such as Function Full-diagnosis, Oil Reset Service,Steering Angle Calibration,Electronic Parking Brake Reset,Battery Register / Battery Maintenance,ABS Bleeding,Electronic Throttle Position Reset / Learn,Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Regeneration,Tire Pressure Monitor System Reset and more.

Launch x431 diagun iii support : Full diagnosis (Read/erase DTCs, display live data stream etc)

  1. package is difference,


Launch x431 diagun IV package picture as following:


Launch x431 diagun iii package is :


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How to purchasing Icarscan software on APP ?

How to purchasing Icarscan software on APP ?


1.Run IcarscanAPP “EZdiag”

2.Enter in user name and password, log on APP

3.Main Menu

4.Click “Full-system Scan”buy car software and click “Special Tools” buy the special function software

5.Car software icon

Choose “Purchase More”

Please choose which software you want to buy

Make the payment(Click “Buy Now”)

Choose payment method

Click “Submit” Finish the payment


6.If purchase Special function software , click the icon as bellow :

Choose the Special software which you want

Make the payment(Click “Buy Now”)

Choose payment method

Click “Submit”, finish the payment .

This article is published by obd2tool.  if you want to see more information about icarscan