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XTool PS2 — The Professional Diagnostic Tool

With has the characteristics of high performance ratio , XTool PS2 Tool is a amazing tool that can check car problems and do a result . It’s helpful to consumer and value for money . There are some reason to explain this tool why is so useful .

Firstly , the XTool PS2 Tool support update the news or software from online website . This tool is total language for English , Russian , Traditional , Chinese and so on. The mulit-language edition will satisfy the demands from our customer around the world . And the PS2 professional diagnostic tool is a major product of locksmith tool , which is absorbing professional technology . Therefore, many custom will feel the outstanding and powerful performance of the product . As for the design of PS2 and the technicians perfectly mix appearances with practicality . With jumbo size, true-color, full touching screen and simple body , customers will operate PS2 more intuitively and easily. The capability of the built-in highly processing chip could reach 400MHZ. Its ability is superior to the common used ARM7 chip . Such excellent performance of the chip and the superior diagnostic module will guarantee the accuracy and real-time function . The demonstration for data stream of PS2 shows its accuracy and rapidity which will enhance the convenience of our guests .

Secondly , the forward-looking design of PS2 meets the need not only for the present but also for the future automobile main-line examination. The drivers of diagnostic module can be updated through the internet. The formidable compatibility reduces the equipped adapter. PS2 is easy to handle and users will experience the unique design from our R&D team. And the PS2 tool of the servicemen that can sits in the office to carry on the functional test and support service to meet the various requests from customers. All test procedures places on a high-capacity SD card which facilitates the updating procedure.

Thirdly , the box is bridging the PS2 mainframe and the automobile diagnostic base . It is called lower position machine .. This diagnostic box has two connections, the DB15 connection and the OBD II connection . The main testing line connects the PS2 mainframe with the DB15 adapter . The OBDII connection could link with the testing adapter. Beside , the PS2 tool has USB connection , VGA connection, power connection , main test connection and so on . For example, the USB connection is to carry on the data synchronization with PC . So , the PS2 tool have more functions and features .

All in all , the XTool PS2 Tool is deserved to buy .

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Free download GM Tech 2 PCMCIA bin file multi-language

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Cost-free download GM Tech 2 PCMCIA bin file multi-language
There is certainly application that will reprogram the 32MB PCMCIA card within the GM Tech2 diagnostic scanner via serial cable with bin files. Here gathering some download sources of the Tech II PCMCIA bin file with multi-language and versions.The best way to load computer software on Tech2 scan tool 32GB card?Insert tech2 card into pcmcia port on laptop and use mce to

create the needed bin to card, once accomplished get rid of card and place in tech 2 and energy on.
Tech2 card writer is
one of them however the process is much slower then reprogramming in pcmcia slot. Tech2 card writer is often downloaded free under also.Disclaimer:

You are by yourself risk.
Download 1:


which includes:
New version Tech2 PCMCIA 165.000.rar English (
utilised with TECH2 or with TECH2WIN)
Opel German
Opel German
Opel 150.020 english.rar
Saab 148.000 English.rar
SAAB 148.000 32MB German
2 OPEL VAUXHALL V159.001.rar
Tech2 bin file

Tech2 & Tech2Win PCMCIA 32GB Card Bin Files Opel Multi-LanguageYou have inside:
Opel 165 EN; DE ; FR ; IT
Opel English 165, 171, 172 and 175
Tech2Win v2.302
27.05.2015 – Added Opel version 176
Tech2 bin file

Download 3:


two cards bin files in English:Zip file contains:-

Cadillac 117.500.bin
Cadillac BLS 120.000.bin
Opel GT Chevrolet HHR V30.004.bin
China-1 29.002.bin
Holden 1997 – 2012 V157.000.bin
Saab 148.000.bin
Holden Export V149.000.bin
Saturn Astra V31.001.bin
Isuzu 107.021.bin
Suzuki 28.007.bin
Isuzu truck 11_530 1996-2011.bin
Isuzu truck 11_530.bin
ISUZU Truck CAN 122_050.bin
Suzuki 29.003 eng.bin
nao 32.08.bin
opel 137.000.bin
OpelVauxhall V166.00.bin