launch x431 5C is much more powerful than the other tool

I think the launch x431 5C is much more powerful than the other tool. X431 5C-series product have so many advantages such as widely coverage at vehicle model, powerful test function, more special function, more accurate test data etc.With special function such as BMW idle study, BMW Injection rate adjustment, BMW battery replacement, Nissan matching key. In addition support IRKIA, PERODUA, Proton, TATA and other to supporting Benz, BMW, FORD, and domestic model .And it can be supported up to 70 cars and have more languages ,so I can easily repair my car. Beside,, the launch x431 5C have high configuration of hardware, fast running speed that you needn’t to waste time .Third , the x431 5C is taking concerning in internet application , the advantage of mobile internet ,can share maintenance data and case library, provide instant maintenance information , and build public and private maintenance social and so on .. It also easly to update,like online update .And don’t need to update the software to CF Card. All in all ,the x431 5C is worthing to buy.

x431 5c