VXDIAG PIWIS Tester III Possible to Update Porsche PCM3.x Map

I have a 2010 Panamera, and need to update the maps. How do I tell which version PCM I haver please?

Can i update the map without going to the dealer?

User experience:

1) It is easy to DIY a navigation update on Porsche Tester Piwis III.
First you have to update the system software with CDs/DVDs, then enter an Activation Code (based on the VIN) with a PIWIS2 or PIWIS3 tester and then load the map data to the hard disk with 4 DVDs. Can take between 2 and 4 hours, depending on the existing software version and if PCM3.0 or PCM3.1. I think the Panamera is 3.1.

2) In Panamera 2010 it should be installed PCM3.1. But to be sure what exactly version of PCM3.x do you have you need to turn on the PCM and wait until the main menu loads than push simultaneously (in one time) buttons SOURCE and INFO. Porsche PCM will show you ‘hidden’ menu (like on attached picture) where you could see all the necessary service information including the version of your’s Porsche unit PCM3.x.
Hope this information will be useful to members of this forum.

To update the maps in Porsche PCM3.0 or PCM3.1 you need to have disk with PCM firmware last version upgrade and 4 DVDs with maps update. The main problem on this way is that you also need a Porsche Map Update Activation code and dealership Porsche computer called PIWIS.

3) The NAV data is on a 4 disc set for Europe and the update needs to be activated using an enabling code (derived from VIN number and specific to car and held by PAG on their IPAS system). The discs are pennies; the enabling code (licence key) is where the cost is.