Some common Problem of using VAS 5054A

Some common Problem of using VAS 5054A

1. VAS 5054A VCI can not connected by Bluetooth
Please follow the video in DVD. If still this problem, please use mobile phone to search the BT from 5054a to make sure its has Bluetooth function. When find that you need to check BT in laptop (for example driver and so on).

2. ODIS software can’t recognize the ignition.
Please check your car voltage. When the voltage higher than 13V or lower than 11.3V, the VCI will can not recognize the ignition. But it does not affect VCI to diagnose the cars.

3.ODIS show messy codes when you choose car models.
That because JAVA does not run properly, only need reinstalling JAVA can be. Or may be have POSTSETUP not installed completely, that need reinstall the whole software includes postsetup. If again appear this problem, please reinstall operation system.

4. Disconnecting from usb cable.
Check whether USB on VAS 5054A sit firmly or not. You can take off the small usb cover because it always press the usb cable.

5. ODIS runs slowly
I think you need to update your laptop.

So, here comes the Renault CAN Clip diagnostic tool review for you to checking what CLIP can do for which cars. Thanks to all users for feedback.

users need a laptop with a 1024×768 screen or higher, it needs XP to SP3 installed, all the extra updates shouldnt make any difference.
the reno applications all overlay over each other, so i think the full package comes in a number of cd/DVD bundles for each model of car covered, so a dedicated laptop is probably recommended, and doing the installation would be fine

i originally tried using a notebook but the screen res was too small. also you will probably need a built in serial port, which does limit the laptops available, as usb serial port.
chinese prolific cheap knock off clone types tend not to work well, as prolific have boobytrapped their drivers to do a self test and if they fail they generate an error 10 in windows.
the serial port is needed if you have other plugin tools that need to be used on the car.