(Solved) ICARSCAN registration is unsuccessful

When registering to activate Launch ICARSCAN, the prompt: the device is already activated by another user or activation failed.


There are 2 possibilities:

1. Most of the reasons: The customer has registered successfully, but he forgot the user name.

For example, a customer registered to activate Icarscan tool , set the user name as Bin.rabeea91@gmil.com . But when logging in later, use Bin.rabeea91@gmail.com to log in.

the system will think that this is a new user, will request He to activate his Icarscan again.

If the above situation occurs, please check if your username is correct, or contact us to help you find the correct username in our system. Our contact email is < sales@obd2tool.com >

2. Another possibility is that this ICARSCAN Serial Number has not been registered into our sales system. You need to contact us to help you register in our system, you can register normally.

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