Porsche PIWIS Tester 2 license expire issue

Porsche PIWIS Tester 2 diagnostic tool can not only support diagnostic function (the new upgrade 15.100 version will do Porsche cars till 2015), the Piwis tester can also do online programming function if you get the authorization. But sometimes the system will display “license expire” error message, how to deal with the error?

Porsche PIWIS online programming function contains Teach keys immo function and Parts protection function.

Porsche piwis tester License expire error only occurs on online programming occasions.

If you do not open online programming/coding function, there is no license expire issue.

1) If your HAVE Porsche Dealer Account, you will receive corresponding authorization file. If your account is valid, the authorization license is valid as well. The license certificate lasts usually 1 year.

A–Please provide us your Porsche certificate

B–Please offer the password for importing the certificate

C–We need at least 5 days to install your certificate

D–Please pay extra installation cost to us.


2) If your DO NOT HAVE Porsche Dealer Account, obd2tool.com engineers are able to login our account and password via Teamviewer to do Porsche online coding function for you if get paid.


Porsche PIWIS tester Ⅱ license expire issue will NOT CAUSE using problems and errors of the diagnostic system.

For detail certificate and authorization costs, please contact obd2tool.com customer se