MB SD C4 Xentry activation complete but need to active again after reboot solution

Does your MB SD C4 meet such problem that Xentry activation complete, but requires to active again after reboot and again and again. If that, please follow this post for solution.

Take a MB SD C4 activation info for example:

1-1 1-2

Right click the folder “Shortness to the LicDir”, copy “lic_key_2” and paste it into the same folder and has a new name “Copy of lic_key_2”.


Right click “Copy of lic_key_2”, choose “Rename” and rename as ” lic_key_2.x4711″

Right click “lic_key_2.x4711” and choose “Properties”, then tick on “Read only” and click on “Ok”.


Delete ” lic_key_2″.



Don’t you think it is too easy to solve the Xentry activation can’t save problem.