How to solve Benz MB SD Connect C4 Internal Error (317)385

Operating Mercedes Benz MB STAR diagnostic system DAS and XENTRY software improperly may lead to internal error. Here is an internal error example occurred when using the XENTRY software. obd2tool engineer provides solution correspondingly.


One of the Japanese customer feedback that when diagnose vehicles using XENTRY software, he got an error message:

“Internal Error (317) 385 follow the User – Help – Hard Disk access
You are restricted”

Besides, cannot run SD Media, EWA and WIS software either.
MB Star Internal Error

Do not run SIM on within XENTRY software
Click WIS, EPC and SIM (simulation) shortcut on the desktop to open the software.
MB SD Connect compact C4 multiplexer users cannot exchange WIS, EPC, SIM and XENTRY freely.

If you using latest 2015.03V software (external HDD or Dell D630 HDD), there is no DAS shortcut on the desktop. Please run XENTRY software, the MB SD C4 multiplexer will automatically detect your vehicle is done via XENTRY or DAS, then exchange to DAS.

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