How to install the JPro software

Because JPRO is a software program, you’ll need a PC or laptop in order to run it. You’ll also need the correct diagnostic cable and an RP1210C compliant adapter. You don’t need OEM software as JPRO is a standalone device.

It’s clear to see that Noregon JPRO is exceptionally easy to use and the installation is no different. Updating to the latest version of JPRO Professional simply requires that version 5.0 or later is installed on your PC already.

To run your software a Panasonic Toughbook is recommended, however, you can use a modern PC that uses Windows 7, 8 or 10, to run your JPRO software. You can use any RP1210C compliant adapter, but if you want full functioning capacity, you can purchase the Noregon DLA+ 2.0 adapters.

For the initial startup and activation process, you’ll need access to the internet. You’ll also need internet access if you choose to add on any modules.

What makes Heavy Duty Scan Tool JPRO so convenient is the fact that it’s an annual subscription. JPRO updates happen three times a year and if you keep your subscription active, these updates are given free of charge.

JPRO Diagnostic Software V2.2 Free Download:

How to Install JPRO Professional software 2021 v2.2

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How-to-install-the-2021-V2.2-JPro-software-19 How-to-install-the-2021-V2.2-JPro-software-20 How-to-install-the-2021-V2.2-JPro-software-21 How-to-install-the-2021-V2.2-JPro-software-22 How-to-install-the-2021-V2.2-JPro-software-23 How-to-install-the-2021-V2.2-JPro-software-24