How to fix the SRS Airbags warning error on Mercedes W164 2017

What should you do when you see the SRS airbag warning indicator error on Mercedes W164 2017? This warning is displayed and cannot be switched off.

Equipment to be prepared:

1. Vediamo or DTS Monaco software: software for engineers used for offline programming and coding when replacing a specific ECU on the vehicle; Read, clear error, reset checkbox; Change the parameter for the previous setting value of the control box.

2. Device c4: Equipment to support the in-depth diagnosis of vehicle systems

Problem solving steps:

Step 1: Fix the vehicle in a suitable place for operation/SRS airbags display on Xentry

Step 2: Finish connecting the device and software to the vehicle

Step 3: Use DTS to program (flashing)

Step 4: Use the coding function in Xentry to code or use Vediamo for this job

Step 5: Clear the error and restart the control box and check support/