How to Configure BMW ICOM Next WiFi Connection

How to Configure BMW ICOM Next WLAN to enable WiFi connection?

1. Run  ITool Radar to detect ICOM information

How-to-Configure-BMW-ICOM-Next-WiFi-Connection-1 (2)

2. Open IE browser and enter ICOM configuration address (based on current real ICOM IP )
How-to-Configure-BMW-ICOM-Next-WiFi-Connection-2 (2)

3. Select WLAN Settings
Enter WiFi settings
Save Changes.

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4. Disconnect LAN cable and restart ICOM, then ICOM will auto connect with WiFi .

5. If using our ICOM software and USB-WIFI,  enter configuration as following:
Security Type: WPA2 Personal
Pre‐shared Key: BmwAp24h