FAQ VXDIAG Multi Tool for Full Brands

FAQ of VXDIAG multi tool for Full Brands including JLR / HONDA / GM / VW / FORD / MAZDA / TOYOTA / PIWIS / Subaru / VOLVO / BMW / BENZ in 2TB HDD format.

Q: What is the default wireless password of vxdiag full?

A: 12345678

Q: Hello, I wonder what is included in the full set package?

A: VXDIAG Full set includes the vxdiag vcx plus machine, cables, 2TB software hard disk (with 12 brand software), and a laptop t410.

Q: I would like to know if in general all the programs can be used in Spanish?

A: Most software supports Spanish. BMW software only comes with English and Chinese. GM Tech2win only comes with English.

Q: Is this one come with computer, hdd pre-installed?

A:  Yes, HDD is pre-installed before shipping.

Q: if i have scn xentry account than it will support or not ?
A: Yes, VXDIAG full supports Benz scn coding if you have online account (we don’t provide online account.)

Q: If I buy vxdiag #vx17 for all brands how much updates softwares in future?
A:  For update and update cost, it depends on software. Ford/Mazda IDS, GM GDS2, Honda HDS, TOYOTA Techstream, Volvo Vida, VAG ODIS, Subaru Ssm3 software usually comes free, you can get software link directly if there is newer version available.  For BMW, Xentry, Porsche new update,  you need to buy new software HDD.

Q:  I heard about bmw and mercedes , there no software upgrade public. Pay only get newer software
A: Yes. newer BMW and Benz software can by purchased in HDD format only.

Q: Do I need to install these software one by one?
A: Software comes in HDD format. Software is pre-install and ready to use. Except Benz Xentry which requires activation.
Here’s is a video showing Benz xentry activation procedure.
For other softwares, just select and run after boot up.


Check: How to start and use VXDIAG Full with 2TB HDD and laptop?

Q: Firmware is upgradeable?
A: Yes, vxdiag full can be updated online.
Check: VXDIAG firmware update guide

Q: If you can send my everything with newest software?
A: Hi, you’ll receive all current latest software (till May 2019) below:
Toyota Techstream  14.00.018
Honda HDS      3.101.011
GM      tech2win 16.02.24, GDS2 2018
JLR SDD      153
VW ODIS      5.0.3
Benz  XENTRY  2019.03
BMW   ISTA-D 4.14.14 ISTA-P

Q: Can I use VXDIAG full brands on a Lenovo 330-15IGM laptop?
A: It works if 1; the laptop supports mechanical hard disk 2; the laptop runs Windows 7 operating system.

Q: Can i add Porsche  piwis3 doip license into the VXDIAG full firmware?
A: Provide us your device serial number to check if it is available. VXDIAG VCX PLUS with Serial Number V71*****   and V83*****  are compatible with Porsche PIWIS3 software.

Q: Does this vxdiag full work on BMW DoIP and Mercedes DoIP models?
A: Yes. vxdiag full supports BMW and Benz DoIP models.

Q: Does this vxdiag full support JLR DoIP vehicles?
A: No, for JLR & Porsche DoIP models, you need JLR VCX DoIP & Porsche PIWIS3 interface.

Q: Recently I purchased the multidiag full brands equipment.

In the laptop that has the hard disk already installed there are many softwares but some softwares are missing.
In particular the brands that are missing are: GM, Ford, Mazda and Honda.

Could you tell me how to download and install the HW?

A: Please drop down the menu and you will see “missing” software. Because all software cannot be displayed on a single interface.