Autel Mk808TS TPMS Light Check + TPMS Sensor Programming

How are you guys, here is the way to check TPMS light and clone and program a TPMS sensor from Acura TL 2011 by Autel Maxicom Mk808TS TPMS Relearn Tool.

Note: MK808TS TPMS sensor programming only supports Autel MX-sensor.

Autel Maxicom Mk808TS
Autel MX-Sensor
Acura OEM TPMS sensor

TPMS Light Check
Start the Acura TL 2011,
We can see the TPMS light is on, but we don’t where the problem exactly is.

Autel-Mk808TS-TPMS-Light-Check-TPMS-Sensor-Programming-1 (2)

So turn on the Autel Maxicom Mk808TS.
TPMS>>Acura>>Manual selection>>TL>>2012/11-2014/12 (315MHz)
Now we are on the function menu and out of the vehicle.
Choose “LF”, get the device close to the left front tire, and press “Trigger”.

Autel-Mk808TS-TPMS-Light-Check-TPMS-Sensor-Programming-2 (2)

So the device is recognizing the left one.
Do the same procedure to the rest three tires.
Then we will find the right front tire cannot be recognized.

Autel-Mk808TS-TPMS-Light-Check-TPMS-Sensor-Programming-3 (2)

That’s the problem.

TPMS Sensor Programming&Activation
Open Autel Mk808TS the scanner,
TPMS>>Acura>>Manual selection>>TL>>2012/11-2014/12 (315MHz)
Delete existing TPMS sensor data as the prompt.
Then we enter the function menu.

Autel-Mk808TS-TPMS-Light-Check-TPMS-Sensor-Programming-4 (2)

Put the OEM TPMS sensor in the right front of the device, and
Select RF(Right Front) and press “Trigger”.
As the beep, we got the data.

Autel-Mk808TS-TPMS-Light-Check-TPMS-Sensor-Programming-5 (2)

Put the old sensor away in case of interference.
Then put the Autel MX-Sensor to be programmed at the front.
Programming>>RF>>Copy By Activation

Autel-Mk808TS-TPMS-Light-Check-TPMS-Sensor-Programming-7 (2)

With a beep, programming complete.
To verify, re-enter the function menu.
Put the sensor we just cloned at the right front, select “RF” and press “trigger”.
Recognized and the battery is OK.