How to use Launch X431 PROS V4.0 to diagnose Chevrolet Aveo 2010

Here we’ve got a Chevrolet Aveo 2010 with abnormal acceleration, and we’re going to show you how to use Launch X431 PROS V4.0 to diagnose where the problem is.

Here we can see it presents acceleration around 1400rpm which will consume a lot of fuel.


So turn on the device,
Manually select the vehicle type and go to ECM diagnostic menu.
Select “Read fault codes”.
Then we’ve got the DTC: Voltage below the throttle position sensor circuit.


Here we can take a capture to save the code.
Back to ECM menu, select
Read data stream>>Engine data
There are 40 parameters, and we select
Data about the throttle and the engine.


Here we can see the control air relent is 34, which means it’s correct.
But throttle position sensor is at 2.75% and 0.14v, and 1400rpm, so
We have a throttle position problem.


So we check TPS graph,
And we try to reconnect the connector to
Verify it is tightened and adjusted well.
As the TPS value is intermittent, we’ll replace a new TPS.

After we finish the throttle part, enter X431 PROS V4.0 the scanner.
Select “Diagnostic history” and the record we just saved.
Hit “Rapid Access” to return to ECM diagnostic menu.


Then we read fault codes again.
There is no fault code, so we take a capture and go back.


Read engine data stream again.
Check selections about the throttle and confirm.
Then we’ve got desired engine speed – 840rpm, and it’s oscillating.
Also we’ve got well-working oxygen sensor.


This is how we use X-431 PROS V4.0 to diagnose acceleration for Chevrolet Aveo 2010.

More functions to be explored!