How to activate Star C3 diagnostic DAS and Xentry

Following displays the step-by-step guide of activating Benz star c3 OBD diagnostic system DAS and Xentry software. (2020.03V software HDD share the same activation instruction.)

MB Star C3 2020.03 xentry、epc activate video

Step 1: Open “STAR Utilities” and then come to “StartKey Center” , check Device data including: HW ID, App ID and LAN-ID information. Open “Xentry Developer V1.1.0″.


Enter HW ID number into hardware ID blank box, reset Start Date as 20140101 and Expiration Date as 20200101, then click “Generate” to get License String, copy License String.


Step 2: The system will automatically generate License String. Click StarKeys button and paste the License String to the blank. Click Save to keep setting.


Step 3: Click OK to continue when the system prompts “StartKey Saved successfully” message


Step 6: Open EWA software. Enter admin and password to login.


Step 7: Copy current MAC address (LAN-ID)


Step 8: Go back and open “Super Tools”. Open “HP-WVA keygen”, paste the current MAC address (LAN-ID) just copied into the “ID” blank. Reset the Expiration date as 01/01/2020, click “Generate” to get EPCnet and WISnet.


Step 9: Copy EPCnet and paste it into the EPC StartKey blank (see last picture.)


Step 10: Copy WISnet and paste it into the WIS/ASRA StartKey blank (see last picture.)


Step 11: The system is complete accessing authorization. Click Save to save previous settings.


The Super Star C3 diagnostic DAS and Xentry software has been activated.