Truck interfaces for Volvo John deer Hitachi Bell Cat Komatsu Perkins etc

Looking for truck diagnostic interface and software to talk to the following Volvo (i.e A30 A35 A40 various models), Hitachi, Bell, CAT, Komatsu, John deer, Perkins, etc. Are there any interfaces out there that are a true all rounder?

Here we go for experienced users’ reviews:

For Cat and Perkins industrials ,gensets or even construction:
Software: CAT ET & Perkins EST (i.e Perkins EST 2011B Software)

you may uses cat communication adapter or perkins adapter for any of them. And NEXIQ only for the on-highway protocols J1578 or J1587

Note: you may use your Cummins Inline adapter for cat, perkins ,and reading JD error only.

For CAT engines, trucks, and machines:

The CAT COMM3 will be the one you need. On newer machines, specifically construction, you will need the 14 pin round Y connector that includes the regular 1939 pin.

For Volvo/Mack/Renault :
Adapter : Volvo VOCOM
Software: Volvo PTT can be used for most of newer on-highways trucks.( each model has some special cables)
While ,marine/gensets/industrial you may use Volvo Vodia with a special connector to the VOCOM.
Volvo Construction equipment.: uses another cables to the VOCOM and uses also PTT software with sometimes the MATRIS.

Volvo VOCOM Test report: I use the vocom adapter linked above with great results it connects flawlessly to all d series articulated haulers, I had it connected to a A30g the other day diagnosing a add blue fault. Tech tool is the only way to go with Volvo also.


John Deere:

Uses the JD service advisor as software and EDL as an adapter. you need an EDL1,2, or 3. Even though they’re made by Nexiq, a Nexiq will not work. The internal protocols are different.

For John Deere equipment built by Hitachi, you will need a 4 and 6 pin spade to serial cables from JD with USB adapter if your laptop doesn’t have serial ports.


Hitachi : uses the MaintenancePro. Dr. As software

Nexiq USB LINK 2:

On highway and *some* off highway, the Nexiq USB Link 2, and applicable adapters (e.g. CAN3 to CAN1, VOLVO OBD, Auto OBD, Hitachi, Volvo Construction) is the way to go, works with pretty much everything ON Highway out there.

Volvo and Komatsu construction equipment can use the Nexiq USB link 2 with the appropriate cable from Nexiq.

Nexiq USBLINK2 can use for Isuzu Industrial Engines on excavators, it will connect to the engine, it will connect to E-IDSS. Nexiq supported by IDSS you just need to choose it in the adapters list.

Nexiq USB Link 2 is compatible with JCB Servicemaster (works same as OEM JCB adapter, programming also works perfect) and Isuzu E-IDSS. You don’t have to buy OEM adapters you can make adapters your self or use any others you buy. All you have to do is get the socket for OEM cable that you have and then make a conversion cable to your adapters.


Image: NEXIQ-2 USB Link + Software