OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus Maserati Oil Service Reset Using Guide

OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS is great for Maserati oil service reset, I’d like to share what’s in the machine.

Plug OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus into the OBD2 port of Maserati vehicle, hold the power button to boot the machine, tap “DP”, then ” Oil / Service Reset “.

Obdstar-X300-Dp-Plus-Maserati-Oil-Reset-1 (2)

Tap “Europe”.

Obdstar-X300-Dp-Plus-Maserati-Oil-Reset-2 (2)

Tap “Maserati”.

Obdstar-X300-Dp-Plus-Maserati-Oil-Reset-3 (2)

Have options: Alfa Romeo 8C, Ghibli, Grancabrio, Cranturismo, Levante, Quattroporte etc.

Obdstar-X300-Dp-Plus-Maserati-Oil-Reset-4 (2)

After selecting “Ghibli”, have year: 2018, 2017, 2013-2016.

Obdstar-X300-Dp-Plus-Maserati-Oil-Reset-5 (2)

After selecting “2018”, have option “IPC”.

Obdstar-X300-Dp-Plus-Maserati-Oil-Reset-6 (2)

Please follow the using guide:

This model is equipped with security gateway module, and FCA 12+8 special conversion diagnosis connector is required, otherwise maintenance reset cannot be performed.
Find the location of the security gateway module, remove the plug of the security gateway module, and then connect the FCA 12+8 special conversion diagnosis connector.
Click the “Help” button at the bottom of the screen to view the location of the security gateway module and the connector connection diagram.

Obdstar-X300-Dp-Plus-Maserati-Oil-Reset-7 (2)
Obdstar-X300-Dp-Plus-Maserati-Oil-Reset-8 (2)

obdstar X300 DP Plus MASERATI oil service reset coverage:
M157 (Gasoline)
M145 (Gasoline)
M156 (Gasoline)
M139 (Gasoline)
Quattr oporte MY
M139 MY (Gasoline)

Images mean lot:
Alfa Romeo 8C -> Auto reset -> 2018 or 2007-2017

Obdstar-X300-Dp-Plus-Maserati-Oil-Reset-9 (2)

Obdstar-X300-Dp-Plus-Maserati-Oil-Reset-9 (2)

Cranturismo (2018 or 2017 -2017)

Obdstar-X300-Dp-Plus-Maserati-Oil-Reset-11 (2)

Levante (2018 or 2017)

Obdstar-X300-Dp-Plus-Maserati-Oil-Reset-12 (2)

Quattroporte (M139, M156)

Obdstar-X300-Dp-Plus-Maserati-Oil-Reset-13 (2)

OBDSTAR  Key Master DP plus (OBDSTAR  X300 DP PLUS )is the most decent Maserati Oil Service Reset tool, I’d like to highly recommend it.